Sim Log 5-25-16

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Sim Log 5-25-16

Postby Kris » Sat May 28, 2016 2:13 pm

<EdraCrow> ::AA::
02:27:18: <LtConstance> ::AA::
02:27:23: <Capt_Crow> we're cloaked, with the USS Reliant, circa wrath of khan in sensor range.
02:28:20: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: AA ::
02:28:24: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Hey Guys
02:28:48: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> I have no clue what's going on
02:29:06: <Capt_Crow> we tested out new engines and went back in time to ST2
02:29:09: <EdraCrow> oh were distracted last week, weren't you?
02:29:14: <Capt_Crow> henry is contemplating stopping khan
02:29:28: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> exactly
02:29:33: <LtConstance> Let's do it I say
02:29:45: <EdraCrow> Kris will be here...
02:29:50: <EdraCrow> here
02:29:53: <Capt_Crow> oh good
02:30:06: <BrieMobile> No I won't be... I'm at softball, just checking in
02:30:25: <EdraCrow> Oh...that was the impression I got from your text, until you showed up
02:30:27: <Capt_Crow> oh bad
02:30:52: <BrieMobile> Nope, at the game so no sim tonight for me
02:31:15: <EdraCrow> you just told me you'd be here lol
02:31:29: <BrieMobile> I did?
02:31:32: <Capt_Crow> technically she is
02:31:49: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> but she is not staying long
02:32:17: <BrieMobile> Then you have a delayed text from me...i didn't send anything today
02:32:19: <EdraCrow> ugh...nm...I thought it ws a text you jsut was the last one you sent me
02:32:48: <EdraCrow> sorry...
02:32:49: <Capt_Crow> okay AA again to refocus
02:32:55: <EdraCrow> ::AA::
02:33:04: <LtConstance> ::AA::
02:33:08: <BrieMobile> You guys have fun, my battery is low as it is, I'll read from home later!
02:33:24: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: AA ::
02:33:42: <BrieMobile> Put brie wherever you :)
02:33:43: <Capt_Crow> you two are on bridge, we'll play it as Brie just left because her shift is over.
02:33:44: <EdraCrow> <<bye>>
02:34:30: <Capt_Crow> BEGIN
02:34:31: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Can I sit in the Captain's chair its always been a dream of mine??
02:35:12: <Capt_Crow> ::He turned to look at her:: This is destiny.
02:35:29: <Banks> ::Banks kept her eyes on the RR doors:::
02:35:30: <EdraCrow> <<that's Captain's call>>
02:35:48: <EdraCrow> You know you can't change what happened.
02:36:07: <Capt_Crow> Yes we can. We can stop it before it all starts.
02:36:39: <LtConstance> : working Brie's station and her own keeping a eye on the ships:: " just think khan is down their on the reliant torchuring those poor souls I don't like it
02:36:55: <Banks> "Maybe we'll do something about it."
02:37:17: <EdraCrow> No. As horrible as it is, if we change it, we change everyone's destiny. And maybe that's better for some people, but maybe not for everyone here.
02:37:20: <LtConstance> " I hope so I'm just itching to do something"
02:37:52: <Capt_Crow> (don't worry about quotes I dont know why i did that lol)
02:38:53: <LtConstance> I mean we don't have to make a big change just maybe save Kirks son
02:40:10: <Capt_Crow> You can't just turn this down so flippantly.
02:40:32: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Dad says changing 1 small thing time tends to have a ripple affect and could change some really significant things before its consequences are truly felt
02:40:57: <Banks> ::She turned to Haydon:: Got him on speeddial?
02:41:37: <EdraCrow> what's flippant is thinking you can change something like this and think it won't have consequences further down the line.
02:41:56: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Nah I talked to him about Q's and time travel once on our tour of the multiverse - said time travel can have some nasty effects
02:42:09: <LtConstance> But if we save Kirks son it may give Captain Kirk a different look at other species that may help him avoid certain bad things in the future
02:42:38: <Capt_Crow> Yea, consequences. A genocidal madman stopped cold. Hundreds of lives saved.
02:42:38: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> You know back when I was looking for the next big party before Constance "beat" me into shape
02:42:50: <LtConstance> Like getting in prisoner
02:43:02: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Constance and Banks (smiles at Banks and Constance)
02:43:18: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Not that I didn't enjoy it
02:43:33: <Banks> So you'd leave him be?
02:43:42: <LtConstance> Someone had to do it you were out of control
02:44:22: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Its a tough call we could kill him and create something worse - its just a tough situation - glad I'm not the Captain
02:44:36: <LtConstance> Oh this drives me sane
02:46:32: <EdraCrow> ::paces across the room with a heavy sigh:: You're the Captain. It's your call, but I strongly object to this.
02:47:32: <Capt_Crow> ::He watched her. : Give me best case scenario.
02:48:00: <Banks> ::She looked at the door again.::: She's gonna try and talk him out of it.
02:48:21: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ripple number 1 - we save Kirk's son he gets married and has a daughter his daughter marries the Captain before he joins Star Fleet - they live happily ever after on a ranch in Texas and none of this ever happens
02:49:51: <EdraCrow> If we walk away?
02:50:02: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ripple number 2 - We save people one a scientist and he creates a planet killer bomb and defects to the Romulans - They attack Earth and win - we all speak Romulan
02:50:04: <LtConstance> That would be the best case in this plus we save thousands from a mad man
02:50:10: <Capt_Crow> No, if we go in and attack. What's the best thing that happens?
02:50:32: <Banks> You're just filled with rainbows today.
02:51:11: <LtConstance> That wouldn't happen Romulans would just kill everyone
02:51:19: <EdraCrow> In the short term, we save everybody, but how good that turns out to be in the future has yet to be see.
02:52:16: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> there is some many things that could happen and we may never no the consequsence until its too late - I hate to say it but without the chance of do over - I think we almost got to let it happen
02:52:17: <Banks> I never thought anyone could be more depressing than me but you both prove me wrong.
02:52:37: <Capt_Crow> We know what happens if we do nothing.
02:53:20: <EdraCrow> Yes, everything turns out the way we know it now. All the way down to you and me.
02:53:43: <EdraCrow> <<Melanick!>>
02:53:49: <Capt_Crow> Us?
02:54:03: <Melanick> <better late than never>
02:54:27: <Capt_Crow> (short short version. Went back in time, back to ST2, captain is thinking of intervening and changing the past)
02:54:43: <Capt_Crow> (he and edra in RR)
02:54:43: <LtConstance> But if we save Kirks so. It would change his views for the better about Klingons he and dr Mcoy may never get sent to prison
02:54:57: <EdraCrow> How do you know that saving one of those people doesn't change our family line, or anyone out there. ::she pointed to the door::
02:55:05: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> I asked my Dad on tour if I could go back and save my adopted parents - he said sure but there would be consequences and he proceeded to show me - it was bad and made a impression on me
02:56:29: <Capt_Crow> Why is it that we always assume changing the past would be bad?
02:56:51: <Banks> What were the consequences?
02:57:12: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> You are captain of the Merc and you have to ask about bad luck??
02:58:07: <Banks> (he's in the RR with Edra, you guys are outside on the bridge)
02:58:47: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ((sorry))
02:58:51: <EdraCrow> Because it's safer to go to the worst case scenario when making a decision like this. What's the saying? 'The evil you know is better than the evil you don't'...?
02:58:54: <Melanick> :: sitting at the med console thinking::
02:59:55: <Banks> ::She turned to Melanick:: What if we save a doctor on the Reliant who cures a disease?
03:00:10: <LtConstance> Damit I feel so helpless all it would take is a well armed away team to shut Khan down
03:00:41: <Banks> All it'd take is a well armed me. ::She gave a smirk::
03:01:07: <Melanick> Agreed but there are always alternate outcomes to everything. Some good some not so good.
03:01:08: <Capt_Crow> How do I look at our kids and tell them I could have done something and didn't.
03:01:51: <Melanick> We have the prime directive for a reason.
03:02:22: <Melanick> Although Kirk did go back in time and change the outcome of the earth being destroyed. I guess there is a precedence.
03:02:54: <LtConstance> Yeah I know Banks but I want to help I have always admire Captain Kirk and his Crew
03:03:12: <EdraCrow> This isn't yours to fix. What...what if you do fix it and they're not here because I'm not here, or because your mother never existed?
03:03:55: <EdraCrow> And, that's just personal reasons, that doesn't even get into what policy is.
03:04:05: <Capt_Crow> Well according to quantum mechanics we ought to still exist in a bubble.
03:04:24: <Banks> I can't stand this.
03:04:29: <Melanick> Not to mention the fact that Spock also went back in time.
03:04:40: <Banks> :::walks to the RR, hitting the chime.:::
03:04:46: <Capt_Crow> ::sighs:: Enter.
03:05:11: <Banks> ::walks in:: Are we doing this or not?
03:05:16: <Capt_Crow> Subtle.
03:05:41: <EdraCrow> ::looked at Banks, then at Henry::
03:06:22: <Banks> Most out here feel its a bad idea aside from Stewart who thinks James Kirk's son is a hottie deserving of saving.
03:06:32: <Capt_Crow> :::looks over slowly:: Hottie?
03:07:04: <Banks> Not my words...well...technically they are.
03:07:05: <LtConstance> ( hey I never said that lolo)
03:07:05: <Melanick> <personally I thought he was a wuss>
03:07:11: <EdraCrow> ::smirks::
03:07:42: <Capt_Crow> If we do nothing we still may be stuck here. We can't stay cloaked the rest of our lives.
03:08:16: <Melanick> I guess if you really sit back and think about it, Kirk changes things multiple times, and things came out ok
03:08:26: <EdraCrow> It's your call.
03:09:53: <Melanick> ::tapping her fingers on the console::
03:09:57: <LtConstance> But he's Captain. Kirk but it's not like we haven't done worse things
03:10:31: <Capt_Crow> Alright, let's go. ::He motioned for them to follow back to the bridge"""
03:10:32: <Capt_Crow> :::
03:10:58: <EdraCrow> ::sighs and follows::
03:11:21: <Banks> ::behind her:::
03:11:40: <Capt_Crow> Ladies and Gentleman....
03:11:40: <EdraCrow> ::takes her seat::
03:11:57: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: Jumps out of the Captains Chair ::
03:11:58: <Capt_Crow> When we put this uniform on we signed up to do the things most others wouldn't.
03:12:07: <LtConstance> ::watching the Captain::
03:12:23: <Capt_Crow> Sometimes the choices are hard. Sometimes they are decisions we'd rather not make.
03:13:15: <EdraCrow> ::listens to him, but watches the viewscreen, wondering what he decided::
03:13:35: <Melanick> ::rolls eyes::
03:14:21: <Capt_Crow> Helm....set course away from the Reliant.
03:15:01: <EdraCrow> Helm> Aye, Sir.
03:15:06: <Capt_Crow> Once we are clear of any sensors, bring us back into warp, working up towards the new drive and level 13.
03:16:16: <EdraCrow> Helm> Heading into our new course...commencing warp speed.
03:17:13: <Melanick> Darn I was really wanting to see Banks take on Kahn.
03:17:30: <LtConstance> ::sitting firmly in her chair::
03:17:46: <Banks> ::She grinned:: You're too sweet.
03:17:48: <LtConstance> Me to
03:17:57: <EdraCrow> ::raised a brow::
03:18:42: <Melanick> Sweet is something I am not referred to very often.
03:18:51: <Melanick> : Smirk:
03:18:56: <Banks> 4::::As the Merc under warp enter the same area they had traversed, the electro-magnetic storm they encountered is still there:::
03:19:14: <Capt_Crow> Hold on.
03:19:26: <EdraCrow> ::looks over at him::
03:19:50: <LtConstance> :: hanging on tight:; hear we go again
03:20:02: <Melanick> Whiplash!!
03:21:21: <Capt_Crow> 4::::The ship is tossed like it hit rough waters, some consoles explode, emergency lights and fire suppression kicks on:::
03:22:12: <EdraCrow> ::didn't like this part the first time around...definitely doesn't like it the second::
03:22:19: <Melanick> :: grabs the edges of the chair for grip::
03:22:48: <Capt_Crow> 4::::Suddenly the ship drops out of warp::
03:23:02: <Capt_Crow> Report.
03:23:55: <EdraCrow> Helm> Warp drive is offline. Unsure why.
03:24:20: <Melanick> :: checking casuality reports::
03:25:02: <Capt_Crow> Where....or when are we?
03:25:11: <Melanick> Minor injuries only
03:25:28: <LtConstance> ::console next to her catches fire but fire suppression kicks in checking " not sure yet sir
03:25:51: <Banks> ::Shakes off her hand, a minor burn from the console sparks::
03:26:15: <Capt_Crow> 4::The computer confirms that the Merc has returned to its own time.:::
03:27:42: <Melanick> Well that was interesting.
03:28:01: <LtConstance> Great back in the present that was a ride
03:28:09: <EdraCrow> Helm> ::hands flying across her console:: It appears we are back home, our home.
03:28:40: <Capt_Crow> Maybe...we won't go warp 13 again.
03:29:18: <EdraCrow> That sounds like a good idea
03:29:26: <LtConstance> I agree
03:30:11: <Capt_Crow> Everyone okay up here?
03:30:14: <Melanick> Oh but I bet we will.
03:30:40: <EdraCrow> ::grins at Melanick::
03:30:52: <LtConstance> Yeah few singed arm hairs but I'm good
03:31:27: <Banks> Set course for nearest Starbase. This paperwork is not going to be fun.
03:32:29: <EdraCrow> Helm> Course set in, Sir
03:32:45: <LtConstance> Yeah
03:33:34: <LtConstance> What do u file this under
03:35:28: <Capt_Crow> Maybe missed opportunities.
03:35:42: <Banks> (END)
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