Sim Log 25 Jan 16 Pt1

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Sim Log 25 Jan 16 Pt1

Postby Iar Edra » Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:11 pm

21:01 LtBrieJayde ::AA::
21:01 LtConstance ::AA::
21:01 Banks Tonight we are under the thumb of the lovely and gracious XO.
21:01 EdraCrow ::AA::
21:01 LtJG-HaydonMalaan :aa::
21:01 LtBrieJayde Uhoh...
21:01 EdraCrow
21:03 EdraCrow tonight's sim opens, the Merc has come across a lone planet by itself. No system, no star...just the planet.
21:04 EdraCrow As we got closer, readings told us that the atmosphere is inhabitable, yet there are lifesigns...Millions of lifesigns
21:05 LtBrieJayde Wait, inhabitable or uninhabitable?
21:05 EdraCrow uninhabitable...sorry
21:05 LtBrieJayde Just checking
21:05 LtJG-HaydonMalaan by definition a planet is an astronomical object orbiting a star or stellar remnant
21:06 EdraCrow remember what you said about getting beat tonight?
21:06 LtBrieJayde :: Smirks::
21:06 EdraCrow All the lifesigns appear to be located under a number of biospheres dotted across the surface
21:07 LtJG-HaydonMalaan just clarifying - and so its a very large uninhabitable stationary rock floating in space - phasers???
21:07 LtBrieJayde Haydon...
21:07 EdraCrow the nature of the finding has caught the curiosity of more than a few of the crew, so we're going down to have a look around
21:08 EdraCrow We'll open in the Transporter room, ready to go down.
21:08 LtConstance How are we supposed to servive in a uninhabitable planet
21:08 EdraCrow questions?
21:08 EdraCrow we're going in under the biospheres
21:08 Banks Who all is going?
21:08 LtBrieJayde No questions.
21:08 EdraCrow everyone, I believe
21:09 LtConstance Ok no further questions
21:09 EdraCrow Remember to keep an eye on your tabs...I communicate that way
21:09 EdraCrow
21:09 LtJG-HaydonMalaan can we scan the biospheres?
21:09 LtConstance Ok
21:09 EdraCrow for what?
21:09 LtJG-HaydonMalaan what are the made of??
21:10 LtBrieJayde General scans for info it seems is what he is meaning (I think)
21:10 LtJG-HaydonMalaan what type of life signs? humanoid??
21:10 LtJG-HaydonMalaan or mice? or nanotech?
21:10 LtBrieJayde She'll probably send you a message
21:10 EdraCrow Oh, right...Banks is grounded <<teehee>> And turns out the Captain is keeping his position aboard ship
21:11 LtBrieJayde So what is he doing tonight?
21:11 EdraCrow humanoid, yes...
21:11 LtBrieJayde (Banks can babysit )
21:11 Capt_Crow mind your own beeswax
21:11 EdraCrow Since Edra's going down to the planet...I don't wanna know
21:11 LtConstance So it's just four of us going down their then
21:11 LtBrieJayde I'll shush now
21:12 EdraCrow it looks like it
21:12 LtJG-HaydonMalaan but we cant seem to communicate with them??
21:12 EdraCrow who said we can't?
21:12 LtBrieJayde I say PM her any more questions, that's just me
21:13 LtJG-HaydonMalaan ok ok she said questions and I was asking
21:13 EdraCrow no reason we can't communicate with them
21:13 EdraCrow ok...we ready?
21:13 LtJG-HaydonMalaan then lets talk to them before we go down
21:13 EdraCrow we already did
21:13 EdraCrow that was assumed
21:13 LtConstance Yep ready
21:14 EdraCrow they're waiting for us, and getting impatient...
21:14 LtJG-HaydonMalaan ahhh - I didn't know that
21:14 LtBrieJayde LOL
21:14 EdraCrow =Begin Sim=
21:15 LtBrieJayde ::Checks all her away mission items, making sure she was ready to go::
21:15 EdraCrow :teps up onto the Transporter pad:: Alright, everyone ready?
21:15 LtJG-HaydonMalaan :: check his gear - combat knives (spike and larry) and phaser - initially set to max stun setting ::
21:16 LtConstance :: checking mission gear everything is good to go::
21:16 Capt_Crow ::Sitting in the big chair:::
21:16 LtConstance : stepping up on the transporter pad::
21:16 LtJG-HaydonMalaan Looks like here we go again :: steps up transporter::
21:16 LtBrieJayde ::Gets up onto the transporter pad::
21:17 EdraCrow Keep your sidearms set to stun. We haven't any reason for more than that. Our conversations were very cordial.
21:17 EdraCrow Chief, energize.
21:17 LtConstance Yes mam'm but you don't know if that will change when we get down their
21:19 LtBrieJayde ::Looks around a little as they rematerialize::
21:20 LtConstance :: looking at the Surannis as she materializes trying to get her berings a bit as she always did then they beamed down so we here::
21:20 EdraCrow Front Suranni>> Greetings. I am Lurin. This is Gea ::gestures to the female on his right:: ...and Topor. ::gestures to the male on his left.:: Welcome to Sura.
21:20 LtConstance ( somewhere I meant)
21:21 Capt_Crow :::Looks to OPS:: I want constant contact with them. Do not lose their signals. ::The officer's expression said he understood:::
21:22 LtConstance I looked at the Surannis smileing at each of them
21:22 EdraCrow :teps forward:: I'm Commander Edra Crow. These are members of my crew: Lt. Brielle Jayde, Lt. Constance Steward, and Lt. Haydon Malaan.
21:22 LtBrieJayde ::Nods to three of them as she is introduced::
21:23 LtJG-HaydonMalaan :: visually scans the surroundings looking for ambush points and just about anything that seems out of place::
21:23 EdraCrow Thank you for allowing us to visit. We were intrigued by the planet's solitary status, and that you've seemed to make someplace uninhabitable, liveable.
21:24 LtConstance :: watching body language of our new we hope friends::
21:24 Banks ::Arms folded, sitting at a back panel.:: I could go down and....
21:25 Capt_Crow You're fine where you are.
21:25 Banks ::folds arms, sulks::
21:25 LtBrieJayde ::Walks around just a bit, but stays with the away team, taking everything in, stifling a yawn in the process::
21:26 EdraCrow Lurin>> Of course. Our ancestors built these domes that we live under. As you can tell, we would not survive without them.
21:26 LtConstance :: looking around the place But keeping her guard up::
21:27 EdraCrow ACTION: the group begins to walk at a slow pace, giving the crew a chance to look around without losing contact
21:27 LtConstance " if I may say so sir the domes are quite impressive"
21:27 LtBrieJayde ::Takes out a tricorder and does some simple scans::
21:28 EdraCrow <<sorry, brief description of Suranni: humanoids with olive skin tone, circular ridges on their forehead, and four nostrils.>>
21:28 *** LtBrieJayde quit (Disintegrated: ajax IRC Client)
21:28 EdraCrow <<oh no>>
21:29 EdraCrow Lurin>> If you have questions, we're happy to answer. If not, feel free to explore. ::warm smile::
21:29 *** LtBrieJayde joined #USSMercutio
21:29 LtBrieJayde ((Dang it...))
21:29 LtConstance ::glad not to be the only one with ridges on her forehead but she was the only one with pointed ears::
21:30 LtBrieJayde ((So much for the sim log, sorry guys!))
21:31 EdraCrow <<no worries...I'll c&p
21:31 EdraCrow >>
21:31 LtConstance :: smileing back at Lurin::
21:32 LtBrieJayde ::Stifles another yawn. She needed a night of uninterrupted sleep that didn't have an infant with nightmares. But here she was, fighting through her tiredness::
21:32 Capt_Crow Topor> ::walking along with them, watching the "guests":::
21:33 LtJG-HaydonMalaan :: wonders why are we here? other than to boldly go where no man has gone before ::
21:33 LtConstance :: taking in the sights of this place looking stoping to touch the soil::
21:34 LtBrieJayde ::Looks over at Topor, who was walking with them and watching them, staying on guard while not looking like she was::
21:34 EdraCrow ::looks around:: Perhaps we should split up. ::turns to Lurin:: Would you be able to show us around?
21:35 Capt_Crow Topor> ::He looked at Lurin hoping they'd say no and send these outsiders away.:::
21:35 LtBrieJayde ::Catches Topor's look:: Something wrong?
21:36 LtConstance ::didn't like the way Topor just looked at Lurin making sure her phaser was in reach if need be"
21:37 Banks Topor> No, of course not.
21:37 LtJG-HaydonMalaan :: watching and listening - keeping head on swivel - hand on phaser ::
21:38 LtBrieJayde Alright...::Raises an eyebrow but keeps her eyes on him::
21:38 LtConstance : says to Topor : " you don't much like outsiders do ya?"
21:39 Capt_Crow Topor> ::he looked down at her:: We don't receive visitors often.
21:40 LtJG-HaydonMalaan :whispers to LT :: what's this rock made of? You're doing scans right LT?
21:40 LtBrieJayde Do you have something against visitors? ::Glances to Haydon and nods, letting him see her tricorder readings::
21:40 EdraCrow Lurin>> "Of course. Topor and Gea could show you around. I have to report back to my office."
21:40 LtConstance " I can see that we mean you nor your planet any harm were just explorers you have a lovely planet"
21:41 Capt_Crow Topor> ::He looked to Lurin, then back to them:: Who wishes to see our main operations?
21:42 LtJG-HaydonMalaan What's powering these biospheres? gotta take a lot of energy they are huge...
21:42 LtBrieJayde I think we have a lot we'd like to look at.
21:42 LtConstance " i do anyone else going with me"
21:43 EdraCrow :miles:: Haydon and Constance, why don't you go with Topor. Brie and I will go with Gea.
21:43 Capt_Crow Topor> We mine a crystal which contain a great deal of energy. They keep us fully powered.
21:44 LtBrieJayde ::Nods to Edra:: That works
21:44 LtJG-HaydonMalaan ummm :: about to protest and assumes Edra has alternative motives :: sure I suppose
21:44 LtConstance " yes mam'm"
21:44 Capt_Crow Topor> Follow me. ::Leads his group down a corridor:::
21:45 LtConstance :: grabs Haydons hand as she walks down the corridor::
21:46 LtBrieJayde ::Shakes her head at Constance and Haydon and then turns to Edra and Gea::
21:46 EdraCrow Gea>> I can show you around the town, if you like.
21:46 LtJG-HaydonMalaan :: looks at Topor :: so no one ever leaves Sura? - I mean natives never leave Sura?
21:46 LtBrieJayde Have anything I could get for my infant son, souvenir type thing.
21:46 EdraCrow ::turns back to Consance and Haydon:: Meet back here in an hour.
21:47 Capt_Crow Topor> :tops at a window, in the distance a large machine saws its way into the planet.:: We have no need or desire to leave. This is our home.
21:48 EdraCrow ::turns back to Brie and Gea as they walk towards the building's exit, and into town::
21:48 LtJG-HaydonMalaan Understood - I was just curious I am part Q and that makes me quite curious and I rarely call anyplace home anymore - maybe our ship but that's it
21:48 LtConstance Watches the Machene saw into the planet she says to Topor " you ever been courious what's past this dome"
21:49 Capt_Crow Topor> I am unfamiliar with Q.
21:49 Capt_Crow Topor> Beyond is a wasteland. All we need is provided inside these biospheres.
21:49 LtJG-HaydonMalaan another humanoid race - that tends to travel a lot and I mean A LOT
21:49 LtBrieJayde ::Follows Edra to the town::
21:49 EdraCrow Gea>> ::looks at Brie with a look of trepidation:: Um, no. Not recently, as we've had...issues with getting our young to survive.
21:50 LtConstance " I'm part Romulan but I don't claim Romulous as my home I'm a outsider their and will be killed if I go back their
21:50 LtBrieJayde ::Frowns to Gea:: have?
21:50 LtJG-HaydonMalaan not many visitors way out here... when was the last time if I can ask?
21:51 EdraCrow Gea>> There have been very few to survive infancy for the last few years.
21:51 Capt_Crow Topor> That is unfortunate for you. ::he turned to Haydon:: I believe it was before my birth.
21:51 EdraCrow ::taken aback:: Do you know why?
21:51 LtBrieJayde Do you know what causes it or..anything at all?
21:52 EdraCrow Gea>> Our Doctors have found a microbe, but no one's been able to find a cure.
21:53 LtConstance Constance " yeah but i wasn't raised their anyway so no real loss it's a long story"
21:53 LtBrieJayde ::Looks to Edra then back to Gea:: Perhaps we can help.
21:54 EdraCrow ::nods:: Brie has some medical knowledge, and I'm also a doctor. We'd be glad to help, if we can.
21:55 LtJG-HaydonMalaan How old are you Topor? I'm 26 in terms of my race im a baby Q live to be very very old
21:55 EdraCrow Gea>> Then perhaps I should take you to our Medical Center. New eyes might be what we need.
21:55 LtBrieJayde Lead the way ::Gives a small smile::
21:56 EdraCrow ::nods::
21:56 Capt_Crow Topor> These personal questions have nothing to do with your tour.
21:57 LtConstance " your right they don't"
21:57 LtJG-HaydonMalaan gotcha I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you - I told you I am Q and curious by nature and sometimes I my curiosity gets the best of me
21:58 EdraCrow Gea>> Also nods in acknowledgment, and she leads them down the street a few blocks to a large building. They enter and bypass multiple checkpoints with her help. "The neonatal doctors are back here."
21:59 EdraCrow <<FIND PAUSE POINTS>>
21:59 LtJG-HaydonMalaan what would you like us to see?
22:00 LtBrieJayde ::Follows along behind Gea, trying to take in everything as they pass. Obviously with the checkpoints they kept anyone who didn't need to be here out::
22:00 EdraCrow :: paused::
22:00 Banks (paused)
22:00 LtBrieJayde :aused::
22:01 LtConstance :aused::
22:01 LtJG-HaydonMalaan :: paused ::
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