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JP: Friendly Visit about Engines

PostPosted: Sat Jun 21, 2014 8:24 am
by Kris
Friendly Visit about Engines

JP: Oriana and Tine

SD: 67700.3 (Thursday, September 13, 2390, 2:15pm)

Deciding to look up Tine, Oriana headed into Starfleet Headquarters where Tine was presently stationed and, having been to Starfleet headquarters in the past, found Tine's office relatively quickly. Poking her head in to see Tine at her desk, "Hope I'm not interrupting anything."

Christine looked up from her desk full of PADDs when she heard a familiar voice. She wasn't used to having so many visitors, but then again, she'd spent her whole Starfleet career on a ship. She'd been back on Earth for nearly five months, and she still wasn't used to it yet. "Oriana? That you hiding behind the door? Please come in, I could use the distraction."

Entering the office Oriana smiled, "Hiding? I didn't think I was but then again maybe my kids are rubbing off on me. I have so much time on my hands now that I get into their games sometimes."

Chuckling, Tine waved her hand to the chair on the opposite side of the desk. "I wish I could do that. Not exactly in any condition to play with the kids. I have to leave that to Howard." She sat back a bit and smiled. "So, what do I owe the pleasure of the visit?"

Oriana found herself laughing a little at Tine's words, "Well I happened to be in the area, finished a guest lecture at Starfleet Academy and figured I'd drop by to see how you were doing. So how are you doing?"

"Besides being exhausted? I'm doing alright. For once, I don't mind the desk job. Keeps me off my feet unless I'm running between offices. I'd heard you were giving lectures, might stop in at one point to hear it." She took a sip of the tea she had on the desk and looked at the desk full of PADDs. "They sure know how to keep someone busy around here. How has everything been the last few months?"

She sat down across from Tine, "It's still strange, lecturing at the Academy when it seems like yesterday that I was in their seats listening to someone else. They sure do know how to keep people busy though..I think there's a secret course for Starfleet brass on how to keep people busy. Anyway, everything's been fine..bit exhausting trying to keep up with a couple 3 year olds and one infant but can't complain. I don't know what my life'd be like without 'em."

Christine smiled and nodded, "I understand that. I've got two four year olds running around and then this one on the way. Never planned on having another, especially at a time like this. Another perk of the desk job, I can relax a bit, while my mind stresses out over things."

Oriana smiled, "I'm not sure if I could stand a desk job. I'm an engineer..I belong onboard a Starship and if it weren't for my father calling in some favors with various brass he know I'd be the first to sign back up to get out on another one. I know he's doing what he does to protect me and his grandchildren but it's a little frustrating at the same time."

Tine bit her bottom lip a bit and sighed. "Part of that was me as well. I wanted you to be able to have time with your family. Part of it was your father asking me if it was alright. He asked me if we could spare you. I'd be surprised if he didn't tell you we were rebuilding, that news is all over Starfleet by now."

Oriana took a deep breath, "I did know..and at first I even applied for a transfer to Utopia Planitia to at least get a chance to help rebuild the Leo but at first I kept getting the runaround and then I finally asked my father if he'd done something and then he told me. I appreciate the time off with my family but I suppose I would have wanted people asking me what I wanted instead of just doing things behind my back. I'm not upset..maybe a little but I feel like if I don't get back out there and do what I've trained to do then it's all going to be for nothing. I don't do well without a challenge and I'm good at what I do. I'd at least have wanted a hand in helping build the ship even if I can't be on it."

"Actually," Tine slid a PADD towards Oriana, "I was hoping you could help out in another way. They're wanting someone who is really really great at engines to help out. Swaine asked for anyone I could recommend. Qarson is working on the ship design, so I figured you could help with the engine designs for the fleet. We're going to need a lot of ships with some really great engines. I can't go into details, though your father might tell you at some point."

Oriana took the padd and glanced at it, "Of course. I'll do whatever I can do to help", smiling at the thought of being useful, "I'll get to work on engine designs right away. You know, before I got assigned to the Leo I'd wanted to get assigned to the Utopia Plainitia shipyards on Mars but now I might at least get a taste of it. Thank you Tine and maybe when the ship's done I'll be able to come back. Assuming you haven't given away my position yet."

"I haven't, but Swaine as well as your father want you to keep helping with the engines. We don't know how long whatever is going on is going take. We need to stay on top of the latest and greatest. You know more about engines than most people I know."

Oriana sighed, "Alright..if that's where Starfleet wants me for now suppose I'll be alright. I'll give these engines a hundred percent and make those ships the best. Maybe we'll see about me getting back on one of 'em later." Standing up she looked back at Tine, "Thanks again. I'll keep you posted."

Tine smiled, "Don't worry, we'll get you back up in space. Don't think we could do without you up there. Engines are a priority right now as well as getting ships updated. If you want more details as to why, ask your father, I'm sure he'd tell you since he'll know you talked to me."

Oriana nodded and departed.