PL: First Month

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PL: First Month

Postby Kris » Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:41 pm

SD: 67459.5 (Sunday, June 17th, 2390, 5:15pm)

The window of the apartment Christine and her family had been given after returning to Earth held a magnificent view. But the view was not enjoyed by Christine herself. They’d been back on Earth nearly two weeks, and the debriefing had finally completed. For the time being, everyone had been granted shore leave until they decided what they were going to do with the Lionheart crew. Howard had continually tried to get her to leave the apartment and go out with he and the twins, but she kept refusing. Her mind was elsewhere at that point.

Images of the Lionheart running into the Romulan ship continued to play through her mind and she looked out the window at the sunset beyond Starfleet Headquarters. Howard was cooking dinner in the kitchen and the twins were running around in their bedrooms. A hand on her shoulder shook her out of her gaze.

“You going to eat with us, Tine,” asked Howard, “you haven’t had much to eat since we got back to Earth. I’m starting to get worried about you.”

Placing a hand on his hand, she gave a soft smile, “I’ll eat later. I’ve got another meeting tonight as it is, so you’ll have to get Ashleigh and Issac to bed. A lot to do after what happened, and without Rune, I’m the one who has to be there for all of it. I’ll spend more family time once it is all cleared up, I promise.”

He frowned but nodded, “Don’t stay out too late, we miss you with all the meetings.” He kissed the top of her head but then went back to cooking.


“You’re aware that we can’t just keep this many officers on Earth when they can fill roles on other ships and station, aren’t you, Commander?”

Christine sat at the other end of the table, staring at the group of Admirals that had convened to discuss what they were going to do with the Lionheart crew.

“The ship was destroyed three weeks ago, we’ve been on Earth for two weeks. The crew hasn’t been able to grieve over who we lost. We haven’t even been allowed to have a memorial service. So yes, I expect them to be allowed to stay on Earth until we know what it is they want to do.”

The tone of her voice was one of anger and annoyance. The Admirals sat back and looked at each other, trying to decide who was going to speak up next.

“We will give you the chance to have the memorial service, Commander Sterling,” came a voice from behind her. Admiral Swaine had come into the room, rather upset that he hadn’t been invited to this meeting, though the Lionheart was his responsibility. “Why was this meeting convened without me approval? This crew has gone through hell and back and you all haven’t given them a break. There are more pressing matters than where her crew will be headed, and you all know this.”

There was a stern look on Swaine’s face as he sat down in a chair near Sterling.

“What we are doing here is none of your concern, Swaine. We are trying to find reassignments for the crew that just lost their ship. We have holes to fill with all that has been happening. With the Romulans…”

Christine put up a hand to stop everyone talking.

“I’ve heard what is happening, but that doesn’t mean that the crew is ready to be thrown into things right now. Most of them have spent their whole careers on that ship, myself included. We need time, we need to allow them to pick what they want to do.”

Swaine slid a PADD over to Christine. “What is your take on that, Commander?”

Taking hold of PADD, she read over the information and raised an eyebrow.

“Swaine, what are you showing her? If that is information she isn’t supposed to see…”

“Relax, will you? It isn’t any of the classified information we have being fed to us every day. It has to do with what she wants to have happen. We plan on rebuilding the Lionheart.”


SD: 67477.9 (Sunday, June 24th, 2390, 10:30am)

Christine stood off to the side of the stage that held an assortment of admirals and other higher rank Starfleet Officers. She wasn’t ready for this, and yet it had to happen. Out in the chairs sat the Lionheart crew, all knowing why there were there, though none of them wanted to be. The memorial service had arrived, a month after the ship had been destroyed.

Taking a deep breath, her stomach got caught up in her throat. She was hoping it was just nerves of talking in front of everyone, but she hadn’t felt great for the last few days. Perhaps it was her body getting used to being on Earth again and all the fresh air, that was another one of her hopes.

Realizing that everyone had gathered, she took another deep breath and walked up the stairs to the podium. Everyone went quiet as she got there and sat, watching her with solemn looks on their faces.

“Thank you for coming. We all know why we’re here. We’re here to say goodbye to our friends, comrades, and captain. One month ago, the Lionheart was attacked by an unknown Romulan vessel. It took them two shots to knock out our shields and weapons. Many died during the initial attack. But then Captain Rune stayed behind after ordering the evacuation, and flew the Lionheart into the attacking Romulans so that we could all get away. That is a debt none of us will ever be able to repay to him. We are here to honor all of their memories.”

Everything was silent until the sound of cannons went off, one for each member that they’d lost. Christine stepped back away from the podium and sat down in one of the seats. The color had drained from her face and she felt as if she was going to faint. She was glad that her speech was over, but still wasn’t sure why she felt this way. Taking a drink of the water she had with her, she closed her eyes for a moment as the cannons went off.

After a bit more silence, she felt a hand on her shoulder. The hand belonged to Swaine. “Commander, are you alright?”

Opening her eyes, she looked at him. “Yeah, just tired. Didn’t sleep well last night before this whole thing. I probably just need to head home and get some rest.”

Swaine shook his head, “You’ve looked this way nearly a week, I think you better let medical check you out after this is over. There’s a lot that you’ve been through and beyond getting your head patched up on the ship that picked up the escape pods, you haven’t let anyone medical see you at all. Don’t make me order it, Commander.”

A frown crossed Tine’s face but then she slowly nodded. “I’ll get there soon. Howard has been worried about me as well.”


SD: 67480.5 (Monday, June 25th, 2390, 9am)

“You should have come in sooner, Commander,” said the voice of a Starfleet Medical doctor as Tine sat on one of the biobeds. “The rest of the crew found time in the last three weeks to come in and be checked out, and all you did was let the rescuing ship doctor patch your head. I know command staff is stubborn aboard ships, but a month is pushing the limit of that stubbornness.”

Christine shook her head, “Just figure out what is making me so tired and I’ll get myself back to work. I have a lot of meetings coming up in the next few weeks that I’d rather not miss.”

The doctor gave a slight eye roll and continued with his scans. It wasn’t long before his eyes went wide and he went over to another station to look over what he’d just found. “Have you felt anything besides tired recently?”

“Just that, I was a bit light headed at the memorial service yesterday, but I accounted that to not sleeping well the night before and skipping breakfast.” She frowned and hopped off the biobed, going over to look at the console, “I know that face, my cousin is a doctor. That’s the face of something is going on and I really don’t want to say anything. Now what is it?”

She didn’t need to wait for the answer to come from the doctor’s mouth as she saw it on the console. It wasn’t possible…

“You can tell why I asked how you’d been feeling, can’t you? There is more of a reason you’ve been feeling like that than you realized it would appear.”

Christine sat down in the chair that was at the medical console and shook her head, looking down at the floor for a moment before turning her eyes back to the doctor. “How long,” was the only question she could muster at that moment.

The doctor put down the tricorder and looked over the scans once more before turning towards her. “Probably about another five and a half months, give or take a few days. You...weren’t expecting this, were you?”

“I’ve already got twins, what makes you think that I would, with the position I was in on board the Lionheart, be planning on having another baby?”

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