History Log (Posted by Rune)

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History Log (Posted by Rune)

Postby Kris » Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:38 am

History Log: The Romulan Alliance War
Admiral Andrew Swaine

It started about five years ago... Seems like much longer than that when I look on it, but war always seems to drag on and there's been too much of it the past few decades. It started when my flagship, the USS Lionheart, was investigating what was believed to be the formation of a new natural wormhole near the Amser system. All the signs were there, the graviton build up, low-level neutrino emission, everything that we couldn't ignore for the sake of science.

Only we never expected the Romulan ship, especially one with that kind of weapon capabilities. Let alone one that would attack out right for reasons that didn't make sense. As I look back now, some of the pieces make sense, but there are too many questions still there. But it began us looking for answers among the Romulan refugees. We never would have guessed that we would find a large extremist group among them still with such power, though nothing quite like what the Lionheart experienced.

We were diplomatic at first, trying desperately to find out reasonable answers and to prevent the situation from building. But mistakes were made on both sides. Lack of trust, deceit, and an unwillingness to cooperate with long-time enemies broke down the diplomatic attempts and eventually led us to war.

The Romulan Alliance was formed during those talks. It consisted of extremist groups of many of the Federations old enemies, from the Romulans, Klingons, Gorn, Cardassians... They didn't consist of their cultures majority, but they didn't need to. They simply had one goal, to destroy the threat they perceived in the Federation.

New weapons and technologies built quickly on both sides, and it wasn't long before the weapons that destroyed the Lionheart became the norm on most of the Alliance ships. Thankfully the disaster that cost me several good men at Amser had given us one advantage, we knew the weapons were coming. With the reports and sensors readings from the survivors, we were able to build shield technology that could withstand the weapons and to counteract them.

But its time to move on... to try once again what we failed to do before this mess started Its time to find a peaceful arrangement to bring this war to an end. We've set up a new neutral zone between the lands the Alliance have claimed and what remains of the Federation. The plan is to meet within this neutral area on even grounds, and peacefully bring the violence to an end.

Tomorrow I head out with the delegation to begin the peace talks. May luck be on our side.

Admiral Swaine out.
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