PL: Somethign to Strive For

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PL: Somethign to Strive For

Postby Kris » Sun May 11, 2014 4:50 pm

Something to Strive For
Christine Sterling

Another non-productive day of traveling at warp 2. Christine was starting to feel like the journey was never going to end. The crew had done everything that they could until they reached the spacedock. The only problem now was that everyone was going a little stir crazy. Even as she got back to her quarters to see her kids, they were getting more restless than they had been in the past.

“Mom, when are we gonna get there,” Issac asked her one evening as she was putting the twins in bed.

Ashleigh jumped over to her brother’s bed and sat down. “Yeah, we’ve been bored. You’re bored too, mommy.”

Tine chuckled as she put Ashleigh back into her own bed and sat down between the two of them. “You’re right, mom is bored. But we have to get to where they can repair the ship. I heard from your teacher that even some of your favorite programs for school aren’t working. It is the same around the ship.”

“But then, why can’t we go faster so we can get it fixed? The ship normally goes really fast. We get places really quick.” Issac always was curious how the ship worked and enjoyed seeing pictures of ships going fast.

“That’s why we have to get to where we can fix it. We can’t go fast until it is fixed. Remember when the teacher had you all huddled in a corner to stay safe? That’s part of what happened to the ship. And the computer isn’t working as well to keep the ship going fast. So we’re going to get it fixed so we can go fast again.” She realized it wasn’t all that easy to explain the way the ship worked to a few 4 year olds and sighed.

After slipping onto Tine’s lap, Ashleigh frowned, “But how are they going to fix the ship to make it go faster?”

Christine sighed and frowned slightly, “That is something only the engineers would understand. They have to fix the computer that tells the engines to go faster. I don’t really know how it all works, but maybe if one of you two grow up and become an engineer, you’ll be able to explain it to me.”

A smile crossed both their faces as the crawled into their beds and fell asleep. They both seemed excited about becoming engineers, though that would probably change in the morning during breakfast. The mind of a toddler was a wondrous thing. Though she did actually know how it worked, how the ship would get back up and running again, it was something she could give her children to strive for. Now she only hoped that the ship actually would be fixed fast enough for them to get back under way again.
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