PL: Birthday Twins

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PL: Birthday Twins

Postby Kris » Sat Mar 22, 2014 8:01 pm

Birthday Twins
Commander Christine Sterling

It hadn’t happened in a long time, far too long. Christine, along with Ashleigh and Issac, headed down to the holodeck for a family outing. Granted, the holodeck wasn’t exactly what she thought of when she thought of an outing. It also didn’t help that Howard was stuck on duty because who was supposed to cover the shift ended up in sickbay. But there was nothing that could be done because the holodeck was booked for a few hours at least.

The twins were bouncing around as they walked, and it was amazing how big they were getting. They had just turned three, though ended up not getting a party because of the missions the ship was on. So this was to make up for it, a trip to a holographic beach where they could run around and let out all their energy and also get the party they wanted.

As the holodeck doors opened, Issac and Ashleigh saw what their surprise was (as Tine had not told them) and ran inside. There was no point in stopping them, as she wasn’t going to be able to keep up with them. Besides, she programmed it that they couldn’t get too far away from her based on where the program put her. The beach program had come out perfectly, it seemed the computer took all the tweaks she put into it without complications.

Keeping up with two three-year-olds was tricky, but after cake, some swimming, and some ice cream, the twins seemed to be losing their steam. Only the gifts remained, but Issac walked over to Tine and smiled. “Can we open them with daddy? He isn’t having fun, we want him to have fun.”

Tine could only smile right back at her son. “Of course, we can take them back to our quarters and open them when he gets done working. Better get your sister, it’s time to go back and get you two down for a nap.”

Ashleigh heard the dreaded “n” word and frowned, “But mommy, we’re too old for naps! We’re…” she tried to put up her little fingers, managing to get three of them up, “...three!” Tine shook her head, “Even at three, you still need to have your naps. Otherwise you won’t have energy to play with daddy after he gets back, and I’m sure he wants to be able to play. Now come on, let’s take these birthday gifts and get back home.”
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