JL: Shuttle Status

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JL: Shuttle Status

Postby Kris » Sun Jul 21, 2013 2:01 pm

Shuttle Status
Joint Log
Commander Christine Sterling, Ensign Doctor Neil Qarson

Doctor Neil Qarson stood in the main shuttlebay and studied his tricorder's information. His team had finally finished building four brand-new shuttles and so Neil had called down Commander Sterling for a formal inspection. The shuttles were each mission-specific late-stage prototypes from the Daystrom Institute that Qarson had just so happened to get schematics for on the eve of being demoted and assigned to the Lionheart. As he finished up a last-minute diagnostic, Neil grinned a giddy smile, quite pleased with the results. He closed the tricorder and looked up to the the Commander walking toward him. "Hey, Sterling. Thanks for coming," Neil said. "I promise you'll be glad that you did."

Commander Christine Sterling looked a little more than tired with family duties and Rune having left rather quickly, but had shown up all the same. She noticed the look on Qarson's face and was surprised that he actually looked happy about something. Shaking her head to clear it as she had to remember what happened during the last mission had nothing to do with what was going on now, she looked at the shuttles as she got nearer to Qarson. "Well now, Doctor. I didn't expect you all to make such quick work of this, but I've been reading the reports. What do you have to show me now that they are done?"

"Well, a lot! As you can see," he said, turning and gesturing to the four shuttles, "each one has a separate color trim to easily distinguish between their abilities." The four craft were of contemporary shuttle design, but modified with larger, extended rear compartments. "This first one here with the red trim, this is our new tactical shuttle." Neil then opened the rear hatch and quickly ushered Sterling inside. He couldn't help but feel excited, like a kid in a toy store with a fat wallet, at getting back to his old duties when he was posted at the Jupiter Station.
"This little baby comes with a fat engine. It's capable of not only warp speed in excess of warp eight but I also streamlined the hull a bit, which comes in handy with the improved maneuvering thrusters and hyper-impulse abilities," he explained to her. "Not only that but we have pretty powerful phaser banks, mini-photon *and* quantum torpedo launchers, both fore and aft. Now, I took some inspiration from the old NX-class ships from before the Federation was founded. The alloys in the hull, when polarized, create a sort of sensor-scattering effect that erases this baby from most sensors. Call it a stealth ability, if you will."

Raising an eyebrow, it was amazing to see Qarson so excited about this. Though she wasn't one who understood all the specs if she had to read the technical part (she wasn't an engineer after all), hearing it explained made her realize that she was glad she put him in charge of the project. "This is very impressive, Doctor. I never would have thought some of these things were possible in a shuttle. And each one has different purpose? I didn't realize that we even needed one for each thing we do." She looked over the controls and sat down in the pilot seat for a moment. "This is quite a different configuration than what we're used too, the pilots should have fun playing with all this. Might need you to create holodeck simulations for us at some point." Turning back to face him, she gave a small smile, "Which one is next?"

"I'm glad you asked," Neil said as he showed her out and into the second shuttle, this one with an orange-yellow trim. "This one is kind of a next-generation work bee. On steroids." Leading her to the front of the craft, Neil pointed out the viewport to two hexagonal nodes on each side of the shuttle's nose. "This tub comes fitted with a heavy replicator to replace damaged equipment and components that ordinary ships usually hit up starbases for. The nodes here not only have the ability to dematerialize and recycle debris, but they can also replicate tools and arms for diagnostics and repairs." Qarson typed a few commands into one of the main consoles and two seconds later, an elongated sensor device appeared from one node and a fully reticulating arm appeared in the other. "With these two, I could scan a busted relay, pull it out, recycle it, replicate another, and install it right where the other was. Shoot, it could pretty much build us a new reaction chamber if we could fit it in the engine room." Neil looked at Sterling's face to gauge her reaction. "Cool, huh?"

Tine chuckled, "Only an engineer would get excited about that. But yes, it is very cool." She rubbed her temples a bit and stifled a yawn. "Sorry, I'm not bored by this. Rune left rather quickly and left me in charge and I'm exhausted from working with Command on some things. What else have you got to show me?"

"Well, get ready for a pick-me-up, because this next one is the Science Shuttle." As Neil lead Christine out of the Engineering Shuttle, he gestured to the one next to it. This particular craft not only had a green/teal trim to it but also a roll bar immediately above the primary hull which housed an arrowhead-shaped pod. Neil opened the rear hatch and gestured for Christine to head in. "Ladies first," he said. When they were both inside, the good doctor began describing the shuttle's abilities. "I'm particularly proud of this one here. Much like the Tactical Shuttle, this one comes with a lot of power. However, it isn't as fast. In addition to a multi-purpose miniature lab in the rear, most of the power is allocated to the shield grid; not only does it have multispatial adaptability so that it can operate safely in almost any planetary atmosphere or nebula, it also has metaphasic shielding which, as I'm sure you know, allows it to safely operate within a star's corona for between three to five hours at a time." Qarson then accessed a monitor and brought up an exterior schematic. "No doubt you also noticed the rollbar on top of the shuttle. That thing not only houses a multitude of specialized probes but also a wide variety of sensors. One of which, and this is my favorite, could help detect cloaked vessels. What it does is it actually scans and detects when space being manipulated and moved in the absence of anything else." With all that being said, Neil took a few seconds to catch his breath and also let Christine's fatigued self process his long lecture. "You're welcome," he said with a wide grin.

The science shuttle was what caught her eye, and as Qarson was explaining it, Tine was mostly looking around and resisting pressing a bunch of buttons. Once he finished his explanation, she smiled at him, "You were right, this one is one that I do like, a lot. I'm surprised that you were able to get away with keeping the plans after you got sent here." She walked around the shuttle a bit more, and went to look at the roll bar as well. "I have to say, I'm anxious to take this one out for a spin" After finally deciding to give him a chance to show the last shuttle, she walked over to the doorway of the shuttle, "So, I think you've got one more to show me?"

Neil nodded and showed her to the last shuttle with great anticipation. "These shuttles are pretty advanced, but they're not restricted or classified. They haven't really been produced much because the Daystrom Institute is still knocking around similar designs, it's more of a decision factor." The two of them approached the last shuttle which possessed a deep blue trim. "This last beauty is our Medical Shuttle. Again, it has a lot of power that isn't allocated for speed. The rear compartment is a sort of small triage unit, equipped with three biobeds and a heavy replicator. It also sports dozens of micro inertial dampers; you could pilot this thing straight through a minefield while performing the most delicate surgeries and not feel a thing. The heavy replicator is, of course, for making delicate instruments and medicines but what I'm most proud of is the transporter system. We could beam patients up from high orbit through several meters of solid rock if we needed to, but don't push it," he said with a wink.

"Would be nice if Starfleet would give ships some of these abilities. Might see if we can get some of these shuttle systems into the ship at some point." Looking around the shuttle, a thought crossed her mind, "Hopefully we don't have to take more then one of these out at a time, else the crew will be stretched rather thin." She turned to him and smiled, "I am honestly very impressed with what you all pulled off here, and in a rather short time too."

Neil chuckled at her compliment. "Well, I didn't make the rank of Commander by taking my time. But thanks." He then reached into his pocket and pulled out four isolinear chips. "And as for those training programs you mentioned earlier... Here," Neil said before handing her the chips. "I was planning the next batch of shuttles to be of average configuration, if you have no objections."

Taking the isolinear chips, Tine smiled, "You're on top of things, that is for sure. And I don't mind, I think our old shuttles have passed their time. But I wouldn't touch Rune's yacht until you get a chance to talk to him." Smirking, she looked around as she stepped out of the medical shuttle, "I am very impressed, I didn't think that this would be something we would be able to have, up to date things like this. Though the Lionheart is top of the line, they don't always give us the latest and greatest. It is very nice now to have these. Once we get done with Command's mission, we will probably find a big empty area of space and put these things to the test."
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