JL: Bad Side

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JL: Bad Side

Postby Kris » Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:20 pm

Bad Side
Joint Log
Commander Christine Sterling & Ensign Doctor Neil Qarson

Doctor Neil Qarson laid on the sofa in the living area of his quarters. He and the rest of the away team had returned from a mission some hours ago. After filing his after-action report and finishing the rest of his duty shift, Neil went back to his quarters for some peace and quiet.

Christine Sterling had been checked over by the nurses in sickbay and other than a bit of exhaustion, she was going to be fine. With the force field around what was causing all the pain with her and Kara, both of them just now had to let their minds recover. But at that moment, Tine had other thoughts in mind as she reached the quarters of Doctor Qarson and hit the chime on the door.

Neil almost jumped at the sound of his doorchime being rung. He let out a long sigh and put the PADD he was reading down. This better be Girl Scouts, he thought to himself as he rose from the sofa. It was times like this that Neil wished he had disabled the doorchime. Standing in front of the doorway and literally punching the command to open, Commander Sterling appeared on the other side. "Ah, great," he said outloud with obvious sarcasm. The two stood in silence a moment or two. "Are you lost?"

Noticing his sarcasm and how he was acting, Tine frowned and crossed her arms. "Actually, I wanted to speak with you about a few things. Mind if I come in?"

Neil stood where he was. "Yes."

Raising an eyebrow, she waited until he decided he wanted to actually ler her in and talk as she requested. "And part of what I wanted to speak to you about was the attitude you've had recently." Her face was extremely serious as she looked at him.

Neil crossed his arms and leaned against the doorway, content to let her stand in the hallway. "My attitude? I didn't realize that you possess a degree in counseling," he said. "I wasn't busy trying to relax and you're certainly not disturbing me. By all means, share your feelings."

Realizing that all he was going to do was fight against this, Christine grumbled. "I'm not trying to be a counselor, Doctor. I want to talk to you as first officer to engineering officer. I would love to be relaxing right now, but there are times when that isn't an option. I will let you get back to your relaxing after we discuss a few things." She stopped for a moment to gauge his reaction before continuing, "or, I can speak with the Captain and let him discuss it with you. But I'd rather not get him involved if I can help it."

"How diplomatic. Fire away," he responded.

"That is the kind of thing I'm talking about. Look Doctor, we all appreciate the time you've given to Starfleet. Frankly, you've probably been in longer than most of this crew. But you also need to realize what position you are in on this ship. This 'being short with people' isn't going to cut it. This crew works as a family, one unit. And if something throws that off, things don't go smoothly." There was more, but with how he'd been responding to her so far, she was going to wait a moment.

"A family, Sterling? You don't honestly subscribe to that malarchy, do you? Look, I told you from our first meeting that I didn't want to get all buddy-buddy with anyone and you specifically stated that you were fine with that. I'm not a people person, OK? I just want to do my job and not be pestered by dozens of people on some sort of crusade to badger me with questions and stories that have nothing to do with operating the ship." Neil waited a moment for the information to sink in. "I mean, what's so hard about minding your own business, for crying out loud? You'd think people would get the hint."

Tapping her foot, she had remember that, before he even mentioned it. "Yes, I do remember that. But at the same time, we need the ship to function well and not get complaints about certain officers. I'm not asking you to be friends with everyone, but when other people on board don't want to work with someone because of how they treat others, we have a problem. I have received complaints from the group you are working with building the shuttle. I've kept them out of your file for right now, because I know you've had enough put onto your file in the past." Tine could only hope that he would at least appreciate that part. "If you don't at least start treating people a little nicer, Doctor, you'll be pulled from the project. I can't continue to have this. I won't even go into the way you have been when you and I speak lately."

Neil huffed. "I understand I can come off as a bit rude to people, but at the same time when I tell someone, 'I don't want to talk about it,' 'That's personal,' or 'Please leave me alone,' and they keep persisting, yeah, my fuse gets a little short. All of those people who have written reports about me could get one right back in their face. But I don't write them because I'm a big boy." Just then, a crewman who Neil knew for a fact wrote a report about him, walked by. The two exchanged glances, the crewman smirking snarkily as he guessed Neil was being dressed down, Neil narrowing his eyes at the man's arrogance. "However, if it helps you sleep a bit better at night, I suppose I could try and keep my comments to myself."

Eyeing the crewman, he ran off at her glare. Most of the crew knew by now that if they got that look from her, it was time to head out. Turning back to Qarson, Christine shook her head, "Just don't go completely silent on everyone. The coming off as a bit rude, even in normal conversation, makes people not want to be around you. We're one of the major ships Starfleet has right now, we need to have some way that everyone will work together. The team you are working with isn't used to being under the command of, by Starfleet rank, an ensign." Before he could object to what she said, she put her hand up, "I know, technically you are a Doctor. But when it comes to ranking on the ship and the command structure, you are still an ensign. You have the experience and it was unfortunate circumstances that made you and ensign again. But you need to realize what position this puts people in." She crossed her arms again, "And as for arguing with me on the surface about me calling you ensign, you've already learned not to get on my bad side. I had something putting pain and anger in my head and you were adding to it, not a safe place to be."

Looking away and taking a lengthy deep breath, Neil had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. After a few long seconds, he turned back to Sterling. "All right. The thing with me on the surface-- Yeah, I guess I could've been a little more... restrained. I'll try a little better next time," he said, avoiding eye contact while realizing he had been wrong for what he did and said to her. It was the best he could do short of actually apologizing. "Is there anything else you'd care to mention?"

Realizing this was the best she was going to get, Tine sighed. "They need you down in engineering bright and early tomorrow. Still have to work on what caused this whole mess to begin with." She started to walk away and stopped, looking back, "And don't let yourself get on my bad side again."

Neil was about to scoff, but decided on giving her a two-fingered salute. "Perish the thought."
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