JL: Mind Blocks

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JL: Mind Blocks

Postby Kris » Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:45 pm

Mind Blocks

Joint Log

Commander Christine Sterling & Dr. Kara Rohana-Blackwell

Lionheart Sickbay:

It was quiet in sickbay for the most part. Nurse Potter sat on a stool next to Dr. Kara Blackwell’s bed as she watch the woman's vitals change bythe moment. Every thing they tried did nothing to help the doctor. No one could wake her and all scans showed that there was nothing wrong with her. Yet here she laid slowly slipping away from this world. Potter’s concern showed on her face and in each scan she did.

Within her mind, Kara put up more and more locked doors to hide behind. She could not let anyone in. This world she had been on brought back dark days.... Then something shocked her mind and she had to shut down. Had to keep herself safe. What would happen to her or her family? She couldn't protect them why? Then it happened without knowing it she sent out a cry for help.

Help me....

Making sure everything was ready before they went in search of whatever had caused the issues with Kara on the planet, Christine had been focusing on keeping anything out of her mind that she didn’t want there. Inside, she was worried about her cousin, outside she was determined to figure out what was causing issues on the planet. It was at that moment that she heard something that she didn’t plan on hearing.

Help me...

Shaking her head, that voice could have only come from one of two people, Ang and Kara. Considering Ang was with the group down on the planet and was preparing just as she was, it had to be Kara. Stepping away from the group, she contacted the ship.

“Sterling to Lionheart, status of Doctor Rohana-Blackwell.”

The voice of Nurse Potter responded back to her.

“Potter to Sterling, we can’t get her to wake up, but physically there is nothing wrong with her. Something is going on mentally, that is the only explanation. Her vitals are failing, I don’t know how long we can keep her here without knowing what is going on.”

Sighing to herself, Tine looked over at Rune.

“I’m going back up to the ship, I’ll be back within the hour, but I have a feeling Kara is trying to close herself off to the world and is actually doing more harm then good.”

Before Rune could answer a yes or no, she called for a transport directly to sickbay.

Kara's vitas had stayed the same for the last hour or so but Potter was still very concerned as she got the call from Commander Sterling. She knew that if something didn't change soon Kara would simple slip into a deeper coma and be lost to them. However, she had know idea how to help the woman. She had already called for John Blackwell but he had yet to answer. He would come when he was able she was sure of that but at least Kara’s cousin was on her way.

A dark shadow lay locked behind a large wooden door. The image was all Kara could see as her body twitched. She couldn't let anyone in no she would not face this part of her past. It had been locked away for a reason. Everyone had dark days they never wanted to revisit. She had a few of them. This was the past she didn't need to see it again. War, death and sickness were all here as she relived so much pain in her past. This, however was much worse. Whatever had attacked her was making things worse than they had ever really been.:

GO AWAY LEAVE ME The doctor’s mind shouted.

Nurse Potter heard the alarms of the sickbay bed ring out though sickbay as the weak body twitched and convulsed on the bed. She quickly could see from the read out that this was all from Karas mind. The Betazoid was doing this all her self as she tried to fight whatever was attacking her mind. the nurse needed help but when would that come? From whom would it come from? Others in sickbay rush to Kara's side just as lost at Potter. Even the other doctors were lost to know how to help Kara and they were researching Betazoid illnesses in the computer database. Potter hoped that they would have an answer soon.

Tine walked over to Kara’s bedside the moment everything started happening. She’d seen this before, and it wasn’t anything good. Kara was closing herself off, and the last time it happened, she had to use up all the energy she could to get her out of it. If it was happening again, then something had caused her to hide herself away from everyone.

The nurses all looked at her and realized that there wasn’t anything they could do, it was something another Betazoid had to handle. Backing away only enough to be out of the way, they allowed Christine to take over while still monitoring everything that was going on. Potter knew enough to put a monitor on Tine’s neck so if anything were to go wrong, she’d know.

Closing her eyes, Tine realized that this place was familiar. Kara’s mind was a long tunnel and at the end, she could see a door down at the end with a light underneath. This was something she’d seen before, and it always made her uncomfortable because she’d had this situation in her own mind. It was a safety thing for Betazoid’s if something attacked their mind; block themselves out from everything and only another Betazoid can get in, normally a family member if one was available.

The door was, naturally, locked. Sitting down outside the door, she called out to her cousin.

Kara, I’m here, tell me what attacked you. I’m not leaving, so don’t ask me too.

Kara felt someone in her mind and she quickly started to send up road blocks. She knew it was her cousin so the first block was simple a locked door. Once the door opened however she would find it opened to her parents home with a message to let her go. Then if she kept going it would get worse. Leave me be. I can’t stay. You won’t be attacked. I promise.

Loud alarms went off as Kara was slipping further away from them all. Tine wasn't making it better but Potter was not about to pull her away until she had tried everything. "Commander are you sure about this?" She touched Tine’s shoulder as she talked. The woman was not sure what the commander was up to. All she knew was that for now Kara was not responding to Tine but getting worse.

Tine felt Potter’s hand but didn’t move. Kara was blocking her out at every turn. Knowing, though, that she had to get back to the planet surface, she simply left Kara a message in her mind.

Don’t do anything until I get back. We’re going to investigate what attacked your mind and work on getting you back. If you slip any further away I will do everything in my power to get you back no matter how much you fight me, you know this.

Pulling herself back out of Kara’s mind, she left Potter to take care of Kara and beamed herself back down to the planet. They had to figure out what attacked her cousin and fast.
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