Medical Log Kara

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Medical Log Kara

Postby Kara » Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:06 am

Chief Medical officers Log

Life sometimes throws you a curve ball. Nothing every stays the same and Kara knew this first hand. With her life back on board the Lionheart it was different every day. There was never the same routine twice. It could wear you down fast and that was why Kara had taken time off the ship. Now that she was back and settled in how ever it was as if she had never left. As she sat in sickbay office she noted that she needed to make a report and a log for her own sickbay files. She thought she should start with her log.

“Computer Chief Medical officers log Kara Blackwell….”

She waited for the computer to be. As she heard it click on she quickly fell into the old pattern of her logs.

“Sickbay has been quite for the last few days. Nothing out of the normal has happened. To say the least it has been a nice break from unexplained illnesses and the stress of unknown implants. Today we had three cases. Two being kids, one of those children a Jessica Vonton was taken ill with a simple stomach bug. We think she ate something that didn’t agree with her. The other child Brian Tarton had been playing with his brother when he fell. The boy broke his arm. Both cases were quickly dealt with by the sickbay staff.

At 0900 this morning however two members of engineer showed up with minor burns to their hands after a conduit they were working caught firer. I hear the fire was put out but both had to be treated here in sickbay.

Other than that it has been a quit few days. I have taken that time to get caught up on medical files and some expentements I had been wanting to get done. The reports while I was away have been taken care of as well. All staff has been brought up to date on the new training I learned while on earth.

Computer end log here for my files.”

Kara stood and walked over to get a cup of tea from her relater before starting her report to Commander Applegate. She would need to send duty logs as well as a report on the injury’s treated. Also she had a new supplies list. It was just another day for sickbay nice and quiet the way she liked it. Maybe she would find time later to go to the holo deck with the kids. That would be fun.
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