Sickbay report: Kara Blackwell

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Sickbay report: Kara Blackwell

Postby Kara » Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:05 am

Sickbay Medical Report

“Computer start Sickbay Medical Report.” Kara said as she sat down at her desk with a cup of hot earl gray tea.

“Commander Applegate, We have had four people come to sickbay in the last 24 hours. Two being kids and two adults. I will start with the children. One boy age 8 broke his arm while playing. One girl age 5 had a little trouble keeping food down. We think she had a stomach bug but it could also have been something she ate. I have set up a physical for the girl in a day to run some more scans and see if we can’t pinpoint the cause.

Both Adults were burned while on duty with eningening. They sustained burns to their hands that were treated. I sent them both back to duty once treated. They will be fine.

I have sent the sickbay duty roster for the next week to you as well. Please note that I have both myself and Blackwell with the same day off next week. We have parent conference with teachers for both Anthony and Beth.

There is a list of supplies that sickbay is going to need soon as well. They are not direr but it would be nice to be stocked up just in case. Computer end report and send to Commander Applegate with duty and supple list.”

The computer went to work and Kara sat back to drink her tea as John walked into her office.

“Doctor Blackwell you are set up for two physical for this afternoon. One of them being yourself and I will be the doctor to preform it.” He smiled at his wife as she sighed.
“Yes of course let’s get this over with.”
The two them then went off to do more sickbay work. It was nice that they could work together and not have to worry about the other one.
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