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Kara Rohana personal log

Postby Kara » Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:04 am

They had been on board ship now for just over a month. The kids were staying out of trouble which surprised both her and John. It was something that worried them. They knew something had to be coming as it was hard for Beth and Anthony to go along without getting into some kind of trouble. While they were on earth it seemed like at least once a week they had a report about one the kids doing something and it would end up with John at the school or both of them at the school. So for it to be so quiet had them both on edge.
“John have you seen the kids today?” It was Saturday and they both had the morning off. The kids had been up early and gone. Something neither of them did on a Saturday morning.
“No but I wouldn’t worry too much. How much trouble could they get into?”
Kara thought about that and looked at John who looked at her. “Computer where are Anthony and Beth Blackwell?”
The parents waited for the computer to tell them were the kids were. “Anthony and Beth Blackwell are in the Gymnasium.”
Now they did look at each other with a funny look what on earth were the kids doing in a gym at 0900 on a Saturday? “I think we had better go check on them.” Was all Kara said as John shook his head yes.
They left there quarters together and headed for the gym on deck 5. It wouldn’t take them long but what on earth were the kids up to. As they got to the gym they saw other kids out side but what was going on. When the two boys outside saw Kara and John they both went into the gym. Well that was odd as the pair reached the doors and went inside.
“What on Earth is going on?” Kara said. The gym was set up for fun that was clear.
“We are having our gym class Mom. We thought we would teach the kids who to play baseball.”
Both John and Kara had to laugh they were being good as far as they could tell at least. There was no reason for them to stay so they turned to leave. It was a good thing as well. For just then there was a call over the com.
“Doctor Blackwell’s Report to sickbay.” They both sighed as they headed off to sickbay leaving the kids to play. At least that was there hope that they were just playing and not plotting.
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