In the Face of Fear

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In the Face of Fear

Postby Kris » Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:59 pm

In the Face of Fear
Joint Log
Commander Christine Sterling, Dr. John Blackwell, Yeoman Howard Sterling

John Blackwell glanced at Commander Sterling.  "You're not looking good Tine, do you want me to call your husband?"

Tine looked up and shook her head, "No, I'm sure it's nothing.  Probably bumped my head or something during the fights."  She continued to stare blankly, really not all there, and it was obvious to anyone looking at her

John held out his hand to the Commander and his friend. He looked at herwith an appraising eye, "I think there is more to this, Tine. I'm sure Kara will agree with me. I won't tell Howard yet but you shouldn't keep things from him. He worries quite a bit.” The turbolift stopped moving and the doors opened.

Tine looked over at John and took his hand. Then for her all went black as her eyes rolled back and she started to fall back towards the wall of the turbolift. Whatever had been ailing her since they got back was finally taking it's toll as she started convulsing.

John quickly grabbed Christine as she fell and cradled his friend in his arms as he gently lowered her to the ground. Tine seemed to be having some sort of seizure. “Blackwell to Sickbay. I need a crash cart and emergency transport to sickbay. Just hold on, Christine"

It took Tine a moment to realize where she was.  The last thing she knew was that she was in the turbolift telling John not to call Howard in.  Now she could feel his hand holding onto her own and knew that she was lying down on one of the biobeds in sickbay.  How much time had passed, she wasn't sure.  Nor did she know exactly what had happened before she was brought here.  She did know that she was extremely sore as well as a little disoriented.  But her eyes slowly blinked open as she tried to get her eyes to focus.

Howard Sterling held his wife's hand and smiled as she opened her eyes. John Blackwell stood over the bed with a PADD and also smiled when Tine's eyes opened, "Welcome back, Commander. We were worried about you."

At first all she could do was barely get a smile when she saw her husband and her friend.  Not long after, though, she tried to speak, but it was barely a whisper.  "What happened," is all she managed to ask.  She realized there was no point in even trying to sit up, she was just far too sore.

Howard tried to speak but John spoke first. "The good news, Commander, is you're now stable, it took Kara and I 6 hours of surgery but you're not out of woods yet.”

Hearing something about 6 hours made Tine try to sit up, only to feeling Howard's hand keeping her lying down, "Six hours?  I don't understand, why did I need any surgery at all?"

“There is an implant on the upper part of your cervical spine, between C1 and C3. It has been releasing nanobots into your body and sending signals into your brain. The implant is causing blood clots and is disrupting your brain normal electrical activity. We have stabilized you for  now but we unsure where this implant came from. It appears to be damaged and of unknown origin. "

“Implant? Where the hell would an implant have come from? The only thing I know that is artificial in my body is that vertebra that was replaced a few years ago.” She gave in and let herself slowly sit up, ignoring the looks of the two there, “I don't understand, how could a damaged implant be causing all this? I wasn't hit that badly on the mission. At least, I don't think that I was.”

John looked at Commander Sterling and shook his head. "You need to lay back down, Commander, and that order is not to be questioned. I not not sure what damaged the implant,but I do know that If Kara and I can't remove it you may not see the month out." The frustration was heavy in John's voice but had the undertone of concern.  Howard Sterling look at Dr Blackwell in stunned shock and continued to hold his wife's hand.

Hearing the words that John had said, Christine slowly laid back down.  "I just don't understand it.  I've never had any reason to have an implant put in.  I can't stay down here in sickbay, I just can't do it."  She turned to Howard, a few tears in her eyes, "I don't know what to do, it doesn't make any sense to me at all."

Howard Sterling looked into his wife's eyes and back at Dr Blackwell. "Is there any way, doctor, we can a least move her to our quarters? I could ensure that she rested.” Howard voice almost broke with emotion.  Dr Blackwell shook his head again, "No, Yeoman, that not in the cards, but I swear to you that i will not rest till I find a cure for your wife. "
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