Dress-Up and Blue Skin

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Dress-Up and Blue Skin

Postby Kris » Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:00 pm

Dress-Up and Blue Skin
Personal Log
Commander Christine Sterling

They had to turn blue, seriously? It was never simple, not on this ship. Christine paced a bit in her quarters, looking through the outfits she'd been given the option of while she waited her turn on turning her skin blue. Glancing in the mirror she had near by, she sighed at the color of her hair. She'd done that part first, just to get it out of the way. She didn't like seeing herself with anything that resembled gray hair, at least, no before her kids gave it too her.

Ashleigh was running around at her feet, playing with the dresses and skirts that were lying on the bed. She soon looked up at her mom and smiled, “Playing dress-up mommy?” She knelt down next to her daughter and shook her head, “Not today, Ash. I've got to go down to a planet where they wear clothes like these. I even get to make my skin blue.”

She jumped up onto the bed, walking along it and looking at the outfits her mother had and stopped at one. “I like this one, you should wear it.” Smiling at her daughter, Tine picked up the outfit that her daughter was standing at, “This one? Hmm, it's the one I was thinking about anyway. You have good taste, Ashleigh.”

It was at that moment that her comm badge went off, “Commander Sterling, only you and the captain are left for the skin change. Please come down to sickbay.” Frowning slightly, she tapped her badge, “I'm on my way.” Ashleigh frowned as well, “But...I thought we would still get to play dress-up.” Sitting down on the bed, Tine shook her head at her daughter again, “Maybe once I get some time after this mission, I promise. I know you miss spending time with just you and me. We'll make the time, okay?”

Wrapping her mother in a hug, Ashleigh nodded and went back off to play in her room.

The walk to sickbay seemed longer than normal knowing why she was going there. She was carrying the outfit her daughter had helped her pick out so that she could get with the rest of the away team once her skin was blue.

Changing of her skin color didn't actually take as long as Tine thought, and she switched into the purple dress she had and pulled her hair up into a teal colored bow. Glancing in the mirror before she headed towards the transporter room, she shook her head. Never did she think she would have to impersonate someone who looked like a Bolian.
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