JL: Back Together

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JL: Back Together

Postby Kris » Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:49 pm

Back Together
Joint Log
Commander Christine & Yeoman Howard Sterling

Howard Sterling sighed as he finished putting his children to bed. After baths, and teeth brushing, potty and Bedtime stories, he was worn out. Then came looking under the bed for Monsters and Klingons. He still wondered where that Idea came from. He took his shower and changed into his duty uniform and laid down on his bed for a quick nap before his shift started.

Christine yawned as she got back to her quarters where she figured the twins would be asleep.  She was there early because...well...she could be.  She was the XO after all.  What she didn't expect was to see Howard asleep on the bed when she got there.  Chuckling to herself, she sat down on the bed next to him and poked him gently in the ribs, which normally seemed to wake him up.  She had news she wanted to tell him about stuff on the ship.

Howard yawned as he opened his eyes, and his lips turned into a smile when he saw his wife. ~Good evening Imzadi~ he thought as he sat up and gave her a sweet caressing kiss on the forehead.

She wasn't used to really using her telepathic abilities as much as she used too, mostly because the twins liked to just yell everything out loud.  Smiling, she snuck a PADD out from behind her back and handed it too him.  "You know, I was going to wait to show this too you, but I don't think I could keep the surprise."  The PADD showed that he was no longer stuck on the night shifts, if he didn't want them.  "I'm a bit sick of all this not-seeing-each-other stuff honestly..."

Howard smiled as he took the PADD from Christine. " I am as well my dear" He chucked lightly, "So who do we owe out good fortune too? Do I need to get our dear captain a 2nd bottle of Romulan ale? Howard starts playing with Christine hair, and he can't keep himself from looking at the woman he loves, the mother of his children and the other half of his soul.

"Honestly, I don't know who did it.  Though it was Rune who handed me the PADD to bring with me."  Tine laid her head against his shoulder and sighed, "Did you see on there that it starts tonight?  You don't have to go on duty unless you want too."  She caught him looking at her, and for once, it was nice the she was able to spend more than a few minutes with her husband.  It had been so long since he'd been stuck on the night shifts that she couldn't remember the last time that they'd gotten more then a hello out of each other.

"Well my dear Tine, I don't think anything but a Borg invasion would keep me from you tonight." Howard gently took her in his arms and stroked he back and kissed her forehead again. "I was thinking about something though, and I would like it to discuss with you now that we have the time.

She chuckled a bit as she was picked up in his arms, though she instantly felt safer.  Hearing what he was saying, she looked up at his face, "What is it, Howard?"

"I was thinking about finally accepting my commission as an Ensign. I have been talking with Dr Blackwell and all these long nights have given me time to think. I have stayed the Captain yeoman now for years and I think I might be ready. What do you think my love?”

A smile crossed Tine's face, "I was wondering when you were going too.  I thought you might be tired of being a yeoman honestly.  Besides, it'll give you a chance to pick wherever you want to go."  She kissed his cheek, "just please tell me you are going to stay on board.  I couldn't handle us being on opposite shifts, let alone different ships."

"Well, being the Captain's Yeoman does have some advantages,” Howard smiled. “There is an opening for a OPS ensign on board the Leo and I was thinking of applying for the position. It not that I am tired of being a yeoman but realized that I been holding on to past for so long that I need to start looking forward to the future. And I  still amazed that you  fell in love with a lowly Yeoman."  Howard dropped his head down and kisses his wife lightly.

Tine returned the kiss and smiled, "Well, when you find that right person, you just know."  She laid back on the bed and sighed, "It's been far too long that we've been able to actually sit and talk, or even both be here when the kids are here."  She peeked over to the kids who were asleep in the other room, "I miss when they were tiny..."

Howard shrugged his shoulders and stretched and replied, "They do grow fast, it seems just yesterday they were born. Though seems just yesterday I married you.” Howard gazed into his wife eyes and thoughts echo in his mind ~ "And is still one of the happiest days of my life, Imzadi.~ Howard laid down beside Christine and wrapped his arms around her.

~Mine too, Howard.~  She grinned and laid her head on his shoulder, "I miss the time we get to spend as a family.  You're right, it seems like just yesterday all the major events happened, and now they've gone.  It's hard to think they are already toddlers.  I wish they were tiny again, but we can't make them younger."

" I am not sure i want the sleepless nights and diapers duty again anytime soon. Thank goodness we live in a civilized era, i can''t imagine what it would been like hundreds of years ago." He ran he hands up and down Tine's back and plays with her hair.

"You've got a point there I suppose.  Diapers are not fun to deal with."  She glanced over at him and smirked, "You should know by now that when you run your hands down my back like that it tickles sometimes."

Howard smiled a wild like grin. "Well I do sometimes like to see you squirm, but I mostly like to see you in my arms." Howard kissed his wife gently and with restrained passion." So, what do you think of me as Ensign Sterling?”

Tine just shook her head and laughed, "It'll be different, but I call you Howard anyway.  I think the others on board might take time to get used to it. Besides, I'd love you no matter what rank you are."

"And you will always be the commander of my heart and i would never confuse my rank with your authority, my dear," Howard laughed as well and then kissed Christine.

Returning the kiss, she realized something and smirked, "You know...the twins will sleep all night and neither of us have to be on duty until the morning."  She wondered if he would catch onto what she was saying.

"And you want to star gaze Imazdi, is that it" Howard said playfully and smirked back at her. Howard felt younger and he thought how much he missed his wife.

Christine slugged him playfully in the arm, "Star gazing...I do enough of that on the bridge through the viewscreen."  She shook her head and leaned over and kissed him.  By that point he no doubt could tell what she was thinking about.

Howard returned her kiss and wrapped his arms around his wife. His body was aware of her, her smell, her warmth against him, her heartbeat. His mind was also aware of her and Howard knew without a shadow of  a doubt that Christine loved him.
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