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Relax in the Holodeck

PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:50 pm
by Kris
Relax in the Holodeck
Personal Log
Commander Christine Sterling
There had been far too much going on lately, and Christine simply couldn’t keep up. Between what had happened on board with the crew falling asleep and trying to keep two toddlers out of trouble, she was completely exhausted. And with Rune still off duty a little while longer, she was also in charge of the ship. There was no time for sleep, no time for a break, barely even any time to sit down. She needed time to do something…anything…beyond what she was doing.
Her office was a disaster, PADDs scattered everywhere, as well as toys. Quarters looked exactly the same, though less PADDs and more toys. She hadn’t been able to speak with Howard in…she didn’t remember how long. She’d had no time to herself no matter where she was, no time to just let her thoughts flow. She had to have that before her head exploded.
Off duty, but the twins still were in the ship’s daycare (no doubt causing mischief), gave Tine the perfect moment she needed. Checking the holodeck bookings before she left the bridge, she gave herself plenty of time to do what she wanted to.
An old program, one that hadn’t been run in years, yet was so well known…at least to her. To most it would sound far from relaxing; causes more stress they would say. But the effect was opposite for Tine.
No one would know what she had done on the holodeck, but she felt much more relaxed. There was still stress there, but there was much less of it now that the holodeck program had been run through.