Replicator Repair

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Replicator Repair

Postby Kris » Fri Dec 14, 2012 9:55 am

Replicator Repair
Joint Log
Commander Christine Sterling & Ensign Doctor Neil Qarson

Sitting herself down in the ready room, Tine rubbed her temples.  She hadn't been sleeping, and realized that she needed something to keep herseft awake.  Glancing over at the replicator, she pulled herself up out of the chair and went over, looking through the list of drinks before finally deciding on one.  But before she could get it replicated, the system sparked at her.  "Does Rune really never use this?"  She sighed and tapped her comm badge, "Sterling to Engineering.  Anyone down there feel like repairing the ready room replicator?"

Doctor Neil Qarson was down in Engineering, finishing up some work before his duty shift ended. With barely ten minutes left, and seemingly nothing to do aside from big projects that ought to wait until tomorrow, he packed up his repair kit and made his way out of the engine room. Just before the doors parted, a call came in from Tine. Neil tapped his combadge. "Yes, Miss Sterling," he said. "I'll be right up." From there he found a turbolift and ordered it to the Main Bridge. He arrived moments later and headed to the Captain's Ready Room, ringing the doorchime.

Hearing the answer to her call, Tine sat back down in the chair, reading over random reports as she waited.  She then jumped at the doorchime and shook her head at herself.  "Come in," she said just loud enough for it to be heard.  Staring blankly at the door, Tine smiled when Qarson came in, "Ah, hello, Ensign.  Glad you came so quickly, I need something to keep me awake and I don't think Rune knew the replicator wasn't working."

Neil stepped into the Ready Room and nodded. "Doctor Qarson, at your service," with non-too short of sarcasm. After she had told him what was wrong, he walked over to the replicator and scanned it with a tricorder. "Let's see here..." Neil quickly read the resulting information and promptly opened up its upper and low control panels. He then removed an isolinear chip and used a device to run a red beam over it. "What were you tryin to replicate?"

"Some hot chocolate with synthehol in it.  I know, not the best thing, but I have to stay up.  Did I make a mess of it?"  Tine pulled herself up out of the chair and went over to see, "I hadn't even replicated anything yet and got a shower of sparks."

"The hardware in here has been active but unusued for a long time," he said. "Without routine maintenance, some of it eventually fatigues and wears out." After removing and replacing several pieces from the replicator, Doctor Qarson closed it all up and recalled Commander Sterling's order. The resulting swirl of light produced a perfect concoction. "Tell me how that tastes," he said to her.

"So Rune never uses it, no surprise there."  She took the mug and took a small sip so she didn't burn herself, "Tastes right to me.  Thank you for getting that fixed so quickly."  Tine then glanced at the chronometer, "Now, I believe that took you to the end of your duty shift, lucky you."  She grinned, "Now then, beyond welcoming you on board, we really haven't been able to talk," she motioned for him to sit down on the couch in the room if he wished, "how are you fitting in?"

Neil sat down and shrugged. "Everyone seems... just fine to me, I guess. I haven't really gone out of my way to get to know anyone, and vice versa. We do our work during shift, some try and make small talk, but that's about it. Oh! And some think I was once a physician when they find out that I'm a doctor." He shuffled a bit uneasily in his seat as he spoke with Sterling. "Um... Didn't you have a baby somewhere close when working?"

Placing the mug on the desk, she smirked, "They are with their dad right now.  I've got too much work to do too have them around."  Trying to think through her tired mind, she sighed, "It took me quite some time to fit in on board, I never wanted to talk to anyone, and didn't say much to the people that did talk to me.  I will admit, when I saw your information come across for a possible engineering officer, I was surprised to see it say 'doctor' on it.  I never did quite understand how you got that title, though I bet if I actually read everyone's bio that was on board I'd find out things I didn't want to know."  Tine took another sip, "Why don't you tell me how you got it."

Clearing his throat, Neil crossed his legs before starting. "Actually, I went to college for a long while before joining Starfleet. I have two Ph.D's and a masters degree in advanced warp field mechanics, starship design and construction, and engineering," he said. "For a little while, I taught at colleges and universities before enlisting with Starfleet. I think spent the bulk of my career thus far at Jupiter Station. I was actually one of many on the team that designed the Sovereign-class."

"That puts my history to shame, Doctor.  I've been on board this ship my whole career, though I've done a few side missions for Starfleet as well, including one on a Romulan ship that I didn't enjoy."  Tine sat back in thought for a moment, "Guess you're the guy to go too if we need something with the warp core fixed.  Though that starship design and construction interests me.  Any chance you've got any ideas on shuttles?  We've lost some in missions and haven't replaced them yet."

He scoffed. "I could build you a runabout out of Lincoln Logs that would put the boys in the Engineering Corps to shame. A buddy of mine and I used to tinker around, designing specialty-type shuttles back during my Academy days but we never showed the specs to anyone."

She chuckled, "Then I might have you work on some shuttles for the ship when you have time.  I don't feel like asking Starfleet for more shuttles because they keep getting destroyed on missions.  It is up to you though, if you're up for it."

Shrugging, "Eh, I guess so. I might even be persuaded to through in some upgrades I know they're waiting to introduce with the next class of shuttlecraft."

"Putting us a bit ahead of the game, I like it.  With all the missions they send us on, we might just need it.  Feel free to use some of the engineering staff when we can spare them and if you need things, let someone know and we'll see what we can do."  She stifled a yawn, "I suppose I better do the work I came in here to do, and you can enjoy your time off duty."

Doctor Qarson assembled his tools and closed his repair kit. "Good night, Miss Sterling," he said with a nod.
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