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Welcome Aboard

Postby Kris » Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:35 pm

Welcome Aboard
Joint Log
(Ensign) Doctor Neil Qarson & Commander Christine Sterling

Doctor Neil Qarson walked the Leo's corridor with a PADD in hand. His duty shift had been over for the past few minutes but he still had a problem that irked him. Neil studied the information on the display device vigilantly but could come up with no solution; he felt like a first year med student tasked with curing cancer with two sticks and a flashlight.
Commander Christine Sterling had left the bridge early to get her twins before Howard could go on duty and then went off towards her office.  There'd been a lot happening on board, not the least of which was two new officers on board; an engineer and a medical officer.  Letting her kids play in their normal area of her office, Tine looked at the PADDs she had and then tapped her combadge, "Sterling to Qarson, please report to my office when you have a chance."
The chirp of his combadge nearly startled him. After hearing the message, he tapped the metal device on his chest. "On my way." Neil turned and made his way for Commander Sterling's office. As he walked, he wondered what she could possibly want from him. The two had met the other day while he was manning the Engineering Station aboard the Main Bridge, but their interaction didn't hint at a future meeting.
Tine was surprised when Qarson answered right away, she hadn't realized that it had taken her the whole rest of the shift to get her children and get to her office.  Clearing a few things off her desk, she punched a few things onto her monitor, reading up on what she could about the engineer who was listed also as a non-medical doctor.
It had taken Neil a few minutes to look up and memorize the directions to Commander Sterling's office. After a brisk walk, a ride on the turbolift, and turning a few corners, he had arrived. With the press of the button, her doorchime rang. Neil listened and noted that it was different from the standard doorchime assigned to the Sovereign-class so many years ago when it was still a prototype. Just then, the doors slid open to reveal Commander Sterling inside her office. Neil stepped inside and nodded slightly. "You wanted to see me?"
Glancing up from her desk, Christine smiled, "Ah, yes. Please come in and sit down.  I just wanted to meet with you and see how you were fitting in.  Nothing formal, so don't worry about that."
Neil was taken aback at her request to meet him. Never before had a superior requested his presence simply to socialize. Even Doctor Zimmerman at Jupiter Station shunned his presence, despite the fact that the man was once his direct superior. Still, Neil eased into her office and slowly sat on one of the chairs in front of Sterling's desk; a confused look came over him. "I don't understand, did I do something wrong? Did someone complain about me?"
"No no.  This ship is like family, we always make sure everyone feels welcome.  We aren't like other ships, we are all friends with everyone else on board."  She sipped at the tea she had gotten out of the replicator as her son, Issac, crawled over to see who the new person was.  "Issac, leave him be.  Sorry about that."
"Oh, uh..." Neil looked down and saw the little bugger tugging on his pants. "No. Down, boy." A slight look of worry mixed with disgust came over him. "Shoo, shoo." As Isaac left him alone, Neil turned back to Christine. "I, uh... I actually don't have any family."
Going over to pick Issac up, Tine let him sit on her lap, "Well, then I hope you at least find somewhere to fit in on board.  I've been here my whole career, and it does take some time."  She punched a few buttons on her monitor, "Your record is...an interesting read.  I don't think I've seen one like it before."
Nodding, "Yeah, I hear that a lot. Things happen, I guess."
"I think they happen to a lot of people.  You'll find though that this ship is very interesting when it comes to missions and who we interact with.  We also tend to be a bit easy going when it comes to things."
"Honestly, Commander, I'm not much of a social butterfly anymore," Neil said with absolute honesty. "I'm not used to a shipboard assignment. Before I came here, I was either tucked away in a lab, office, or part of a small, temporary team. I hope you and your crew don't hold it against me if I don't exactly fit in well, but I'm not one to pull names to see who brings the potato salad to the Sunday potluck. I'm an engineer, and right now that's what I want to focus on."
Tine nodded, "You're probably not alone in your thinking honestly.  Some people on board like to do just that.  I wasn't always a social person myself, it took quite some time.  And if you don't fit in, as long as you don't pick fights, I think it'll be okay."
Neil nodded and waited to see if Christine had anymore questions or comments for him. Almost a minute of silence passed between them. He then clicked his tongue quietly and stood from the chair. "Is there anything else I can do for you, Commander?"
Watching him, she shook her head, "Nothing else.  Just, like I said, wanted to make sure you were fitting in the best you could be."
"Well, as one of several engineers who helped design the Sovereign-class, my talents would be wasted elsewhere. Operations of Helm would be all right, but Engineering would be most logical. Anyway..." Neil put on a quirk smirk. "I guess I'll see you around." Nodding, Neil made for the door.
Christine nodded, "Just don't make yourself a stranger, everyone on board is very friendly." She smiled and went back to reading a bit, but instead ended up playing with her twins.
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