Patience Wearing Thin

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Patience Wearing Thin

Postby Kris » Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:22 am

Patience Wearing Thin
Personal Log
Commander Christine Sterling

Christine tapped the phaser at her side as she paced in front of the brig that held former Admiral Sipros. The crew was unsure of whether or not there were other people on board, hiding under cloak, so they were all keeping phasers at their sides when on duty or out of their quarters. She was waiting for Command to come and get Sipros, who had somehow broken out of Starfleet Security. Stopping at the console to make sure the force field was secure, she glared at Sipros.
“I don't understand why you keep trying,” she stated as she looked up from the console and stared at Sipros behind the force field, “they've already found you guilty and were awaiting the sentencing. So why escape and try to sabotage us yet again?”
Sipros just glared at her as he sat in the brig, “I have contacts that are on my side. Though after this stunt, have a hunch that I've lost some of them.”
Tine chuckled, “No doubt on that part. Let me take a guess, you weren't supposed to get caught? You were supposed to make us all look stupid and get the ship for yourself, your cloaked self that is.” She shook her head, “After all that's happened, have you yet to realize that the crew is a bit smarter?”
He sat there and continued to glare, “You are in my way, I'm going to prove that you are an incompetent crew and...”
At that moment, the force field went down, and Christine was right up in his face, “Don't you dare talk about the crew in that way again, or I will deal with you in my own way, do you understand? If you didn't notice, I now outrank you!”
She backed away and put the force field back up. A minute later, security from Starfleet Command walked in, ready to take Sipros back down to the surface. They noticed the angry look on Tine's face and frowned slightly, “Everything alright, Commander?”
Tapping her fingers on the console to lower the force field again, she sighed, “Everything is fine, I'm just ready to get this man off of the ship. All he's done since we met him is cause trouble.” The officers nodded and took Sipros into custody. “He'll be under maximum security this time, no visitation or anything. Command is tired of his actions. Don't worry, Commander, we'll make sure that he doesn't find a way to sneak back on board.”
She nodded, “Thank you. I'll let the crew know they can stop carrying phasers around. I think they'll be happy about that.” The two officers nodded and left with Sipros in tow. The scowl on his face never changed as the doors to the brig closed. Sitting down in the chair, she shook her head. What a mess this was, all because of a former admiral wanting to take over the ship. She needed to talk to Rune, he needed to get himself back in command before Starfleet questioned his abilities any more than they already did.
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