Can't We Be Challenged?

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Can't We Be Challenged?

Postby Kris » Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:30 pm

Can't We Be Challenged?
Personal Log
Commander Christine Sterling

“But Admiral, you must understand that...” Christine blurted out as she was speaking with Admiral Tuomo Liorit, who was at the hearing that caused the previous Admiral to end up in the brig. Liorit put up his hand, “Commander, I understand the frustration, but I am at the mercy of the rest of Starfleet Command. Would I like to give you all a more challenging mission? Of course, because I know your are capable of it.”
Tine stood up in front of Liorit's desk, her fists clenched, “Then why don't you? I'm sure you have something that would get us back to what we're used to doing. Instead, we keep being sent to stop a storm, which in turn burned out our deflector dish. And we aren't even allowed to complete the mission and get the people, who trust us, to their new home.”
“Commander Sterling, you are out of order!” Tine sat down and frowned, “I'm sorry, sir. It is just getting irritating that Command is not trusting us to do any missions, all because of what happened with Sipros.”
Liorit sat back down in his chair, “Actually, it doesn't have anything to do with that at all. Command has forgiven you for what Sipros put you through.” Christine raised an eyebrow, “If it has nothing to do with that then...what?” The Admiral shook his head, “It has to do with Captain Rune. Command doesn't want to have him come out of his quarters in the middle of something important and change the orders. They want him back on regular duty before sending you and the crew out on any major missions.”
Tine sighed, “I can't believe that after all this time they are still having issues with him being hauled up in his quarters. He's found out information about his past, that's all that it is about. Do they not remember that he joined Starfleet without knowing anything about his past.” Admiral Liorit sighed, “They realize that, but also believe that as long as he has been I suppose in hiding, he should be taking command of his ship. They are bouncing around the idea of taking him off the command if he doesn't show up soon.”
Christine mumbled under her breath before looking back at Liorit, “I'll see if I can at all get any response from him. This news might get him back out of his quarters and working with the crew again. But please, Admiral, can you try to get us something a little more challenging?” Liorit chuckled, “I'll do what I can, but like I said, I'm at the mercy of Starfleet Command.”
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