No Trust

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No Trust

Postby Kris » Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:35 pm

No Trust
Personal Log
Commander Christine Sterling

Christine stared at the screen in front of her in the Ready Room. They were at impulse due to burning out the deflector. It had all been for a good cause, the science team managed to give the transporters enough time to evacuate the almost 400 people on the planet. Though the storm had been destroyed, the planet, due to the duplication, was no longer habitable.
She'd reached out to Starfleet Command to find a new home for the group they had on board. It had been a few days since she'd sent the message, and was anxious to hear where they would be taking the people.
It was going to be another week until they got back to dry dock, and another few days after for the deflector to be repaired, along with the effected systems.
After the long wait, there finally was a message that came in. Though Tine had been hoping to speak to someone directly, it was only a written message. Reading over it, she shook her head. Instead of allowing the Lionheart to finish up the mission and take the people to their new home, another ship was going to meet them at Earth and take the people.
Closing out the message after sending a short response, Tine grumbled under her breath. Even though the mess that they'd been through over the last 6 months had been cleared, it was almost as if Command still didn't trust the crew. It was getting irritating, and she, at the moment, didn't have any other command staff to speak with.
Rubbing her temples, she left the Ready Room and went off towards her quarters. The only one she had to talk to was Howard, but there was only so much she was able to tell him. Sometimes just having him there, along with her kids, helped in calming her down quite a bit. She wasn't in any mood to argue with Command about the orders. She could only hope that once the deflector was repaired, they would have a more challenging mission.
As she sat down on the couch in her quarters as Howard was making dinner, Christine remembered that once they were back at Earth, she had a babysitting job to do. They had played a game of poker with Kara and John, and ended up losing the bet. It meant that they had to give John and Kara a break and watch all the kids. That would mean that they had a total of five kids they would be watching, which most likely would end up falling on Howard's shoulders unless Rune decided to, with it being their second trip to Earth in just a few short weeks, come out and explain what all had been happening.
Watching Ashleigh and Issac playing on the floor, it was amazing how quickly they were growing. They were already starting to crawl around, though they weren't perfect at it yet. That meant that it was even trickier to keep up with them, especially after a long day on the bridge. But they were also old enough now to be in the daycare on board the ship, along with Oriana's twins. All four of them were rambunctious, probably due to being similar ages.
All that Christine could think of right now was trying to find a way for Command to trust the crew again. There had to be some way, but without making it look obvious. What would they be able to do?
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