Personal Log- Poker Night

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Personal Log- Poker Night

Postby Kara » Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:56 pm

Personal Log- Poker Night
Chief Medical Officer Kara Blackwell

The room was thick with tentsh as Kara looked at the cards set on the table. Her cousin sat next to her across from her with a smile on her face. They had gotten together with a few people to play Texas holdem. Now it was up to Kara to decide to call Tines bet or fold. She had A’s 8 of hearts and on the board right now sat an A’s of spades, a 7 of hearts and a King of hearts. She had no idea what Tine might have but the way she was smiling said that she might have something good only Kara had to many outs to fold at this time.

“Call.” Kara said as she put the chips into the pot.

Tine looked at Kara and frowned. She had wanted Kara to fold it was fine she had King/queen of spades. For now at least the hand could go anywhere she knew her cousin had to have a strong hand to call her. The dealer who happened to be John Blackwell turned over the next card the King of diamonds. Now this made Tine very happy she had a three of a kind. Kara was happy as well she had two pair but one of those pairs was on the board. Tine was up first to bet and she did just that.

“1000.” She said to Kara.

Kara had to stop and think about this right now the blinds were only at 200 and 400. So this was over the normal blind but not much also she knew that the last bet was only 800 so she knew Tine had raised it a bit more. Still she had a lot of outs. So she was going to call.


John turned over the river card and Kara couldn’t have asked for a better card. It was a 3 of hearts. This gave her a flush the question now was how to bet. Tine was up first and she didn’t like the idea of the flush being out there but did Kara have it? She didn’t care much at the moment she was going to bet high to try and make her cousin fold.

“3000” She said as she looked over at her cousin with a smile.

“Really? Interesting. All in that’s 5000 total to you.” She said with a smile to Tine.

At this point Tine gave pause she had her cousin covered and then some. Really it was only 2000 more but she was not sure she wanted to place them in the pot. She was going to have to make a chose. That would should she call for that would put her down a bit in chips. Tine wondered who would win tonight. Every one so far was still in the game.

“Call. I have trip Kings what you got Kara?” She said as she flipped over her cards.

All Kara could do was smile. “Oh I have an A high flush my dear cousin.” With that Kara had taken the hand.

“Flush takes it. “ John said to the table.

“Good hand.” Kara said as she racked in the chips.

The others at the table knew now that they had an uphill battle facing them. Over the course of the next few hours Kara kept winning. The group she had invited to play was now dwelled down to her and Howard. Tine looked at her husband with a smile.

“Beat her Howard.” Tine said with a soft voice. She wanted Kara to go down.

It just so happened that the winner of the game would end up getting to ask on favor of each player that lost to them. Kara had already said if she won tonight she would have Tine take all her kids for a few days so that her and John might have a break for kids. Tine wanted the same for her and Howard. Yet Kara was not looking forward to babies right now. The others that had come to play still were around to see who won. Potter and Crum wanted Kara to win just because she was there boss. Also there was most of the bridge staff. Rixx had been the last to go out against Kara. He didn’t like the idea of her winning any more then Tine but he had fun playing just the same.

As Kara looked over at Tines husband she had to think he had a strong game. It wouldn’t be easy to take him out. John dealt the cards and Kara would be first to act. She called and Howard checked. Both of them had interesting hands. Kara had called with pocket 7s were as Howard had the 9/10 of spades. As the flop came out it made Kara want to smile but she didn’t. There on the table sat 7 of spades, 8 of spade and A’s of spades. With that kind of flop Kara wondered what Howard would have.

“4000” Kara said as the blinds were now 1000/2000.

“A mid raise.” He said in a soft voice just enough for Kara to hear as she smirked at him. “I will call.”

Both of them were about even in chips Kara had about 1000 more then Howard. That being said she wondered what he had even more now. As the turn came out this made Kara almost smile. It was the 8 of clubs. Now with that card out Kara had a full house to Howards flush. Question now became what to bet. Rather than push it Kara checked. The moment she did that Howard smiled.

“All in” Howard pushed all his chips into the pot.

“Call” Kara said right away which made Howard wonder just what Kara had.

“Turn up the cards we are all in.” The pair turned up there cards just as the dealer asked. When Kara saw the board and what Howard had she smiled.

John then turned over the river card a 10 of clubs this helped no one. “Kara Wins with a full house.”

Tine frowned as her cousin looked up at her with a big smile. “So when we get back to Earth could you watch the kids for a night so that John and I could have a night off?”

As she had known Kara asked a free kids night. “As long as you don’t have a shift either of you.”

“Oh I will make sure of that.” Kara was after all chief medical office and John worked in medical with her.

“Good game guys. Same time next week?” Every one nodded as they would get their chance to take revenge on Kara.

With that every one left John and Kara had to clean up but at least they had a nice fun night. Honor had watched all the kids over in Tine and Howards cabin so they would be home soon with Anthony. She hoped they would then go to bed without trouble. The last few nights Anthony had been acting out he was now in school and he wasn’t doing well. She would have to find out what was going on there but for now her focus was on John and the favor from him.

“John, My favor is when we get to earth on our night off would you mind if we went to Italy for real?” It wouldn’t be the same as there holo deck trips it would be better.

“Of course my love.” He said softly with a smile as he pulled his wife close to kiss her just as there Kids walked in.

“OH GROSS.” They all said as they quickly went to their rooms.

Kara laughed as she thought about Honor. “you know she won’t be with us much longer she is applying to Star Fleet. “

“I know let’s just make the most of it. We will take them on a picnic when we get back to earth.” He told her as they finished cleaning up.

Once the clean up was done they went to tuck there kids in then went to bed them self’s. It had been a nice fun night with their friends.
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