"Head Over Heels"

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"Head Over Heels"

Postby AidoRixx » Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:20 pm

Head Over Heels
Personal Log by Lt. Aido Rixx
Stardate: 1201.25

Note: Takes place before the last sim.

Lieutenant Aido Rixx rose from the stool and stretched. The sharp popping of his spine echoed around the vast room that was Main Science, prompting several officers to look up from their consoles.

"Um, sorry," Aido said, realizing the eyes on him.

A few officers smiled and nodded, then returned to their work. The staff had been kept busy since leaving Earth’s orbit, mostly running diagnostics on the sensor and imaging arrays to ensure optimal effectiveness when the USS Lionheart reached the planet effected by the temporal storm.

Aido already had been putting those devices to the test – he had spent the last few hours running scans of a rogue comet that had strayed near the Lionheart’s path; he had hoped to gather as much data as possible before it disappeared off long-range sensors.

But as the comet sped further away, Aido’s hunger had gotten the better of him. He logged out of the astrophysics console and made for his office, marching straight to the replicator.

"Bolian p’nata bat wings, please," he ordered. "Extra saucy."

As the device hummed the food into existence, Aido began to salivate. "And some carrot juice, too, computer."

He cleared a space amid the piles of PADDs scattered about his desk for the dish and drink. He tucked a small napkin into his collar and picked up the first wing, propping his duty boots up on the corner of the desk.

Aido paused and glanced about the room, his gaze floating over the various artifacts on the shelves, the plaques and science awards on the walls. Among them were two for which he held a particular fondness.

“Science clears the field on which technology can build,” stated one plaque, given to him by his mother, Alara, a teacher at the Interstellar Sciences Institute on Bolarus IX.

The other plaque boldly stated, “Science is divided into two categories: Physics and Stamp Collecting.”

Aido smiled; he received that one at Starfleet Academy from a fellow cadet, Ezri Tigan. Aido wondered how she was doing for a moment before his stomach rumbled.

He regarded the bat wing and grinned. “Come to papa.” He leaned his head back and opened his lips. Within seconds, the entire wing had been lowered into his mouth, the golden sauce oozing over his lips and chin, the succulent meat grinding between his teeth. It was like eating latinum, he imagined.

And then the bone slipped and lodged in his throat.

Choking, Aido frantically grabbed for the carrot juice and poured it into his mouth, hoping to loosen the bone. Unable to swallow anything, he coughed and spit out the liquid, spraying his desk. The chair slid and his balance shifted, and he promptly tumbled over backward to the floor.

Somehow the impact expelled the bone from and sent it spiraling across the room. It bounced on the shelf between two trophies.

"Lieutenant Rixx?" came a concerned voice from the doorway.

Aido rolled over and used the edge of the desk to lift himself up. He found Ensign Deska Haro, an Engineering officer and one of the few other Bolians aboard, rushing into the office. Several science officers had stood up at their consoles and were peering in over her shoulders.

"Are you all right, sir?" Deska asked.

"Fine, fine," Aido replied, trying to catch his breath. "I, um, dropped a wing and went looking for it, is all." He placed his hands on his hips, hoping to appear composed and nonchalant.

Deska looked him up and down, then regarded the upside-down chair, but didn't say a word. The science officers returned to their business.

"How can I help you, Ensign?" Aido asked. Memories of the Kliffa Nefes holoadventure they had shared a few months earlier flashed through his mind, as well as of the bruises he had acquired during it. He pushed them away.

"I didn't know you were eating," she said. "I was going to ask you to lunch."

"Oh, um, I see," he said. "Well how about dinner then? Tonight?"

"Sounds great," she replied with a smile. "The lounge, about 1800 hours?"

"I look forward to it," he said with an amiable grin.

She nodded, gave him another once over, debated something, then turned and disappeared.

Aido went to upright his chair and noticed the stains on his arms. He quickly moved to one of the reflective plaques on the wall to get a better look at himself.

Sauce from the bat wings all over his face, with yellow splatters even across the top of his bald head; thick globs of carrot juice were all over his chest and pants.

"Jaheeba!" he shrieked, prompting nearby the officers to once more turn in his direction.

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