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Personal Log
Commander Christine Sterling

The bright lights of Sickbay caused Christine to shut her eyes tight a moment after she opened them. She didn't remember being brought here, but could remember what happened. The immediate eye closing caught the attention of the nurse, who came over.
“Computer, dim lighting around this biobed.” The lighting dimmed at the nurse's request and Tine opened her eyes. “Welcome back, Commander. You took a pretty heavy stun shot; how're you feeling?”
Sitting herself up, she sighed and looked at the nurse. “I'm alright. How are Oriana, Aido, and Felicity doing?”
The nurse pulled up a chair and sat down. “They are alright. All the scans came back normal. Seems that something in the holodeck program caused what happened. The program got purged from the system. The engineers looked at it and couldn't figure out what exactly happened.”
Tine sighed, “I made the program, but something infected it. Do you know if they checked the surrounding systems?” The nurse shook her head, “I haven't heard much. Felicity seems to be keeping herself occupied with more medic studying. As for the other two, I think they went to their quarters for the time being.”
She nodded and swung her legs off the side of the biobed, “Am I cleared to leave? I want to check on that program to see what happened and if it could have infected other systems.” The nurse nodded, “It was just a phaser stun, once you woke up we were going to let you leave.” Tine smiled, “Let me know if anything odd shows up on the tests of the other three.”
The nurse smiled and allowed Tine to leave. Once outside of sickbay, she sighed. She had no idea what could have caused her program to backfire in the way that it did. But she was going to find out.
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