Family Intervention

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Family Intervention

Postby Kris » Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:41 pm

Family Intervention
Personal Log
Commander Christine Sterling

A PADD clattered against the desk in the Ready Room as Christine sat back and grumbled. Instead of enjoying the two weeks off that the crew had, she was stuck on board cleaning up the mess that Ex-Admiral Sipros had made. He'd been kicked out for trying to kick out the command crew of the Lionheart and hiding all the reports of the last six months. But now it was up to her to get it all cleaned up.
She'd gone a few days without sleep; excluding when she was back in her quarters with the twins asleep. They were getting closer to five months, and she couldn't believe it. Howard had been pretty good about making sure she could relax when she did come back to their quarters. But there was one thing he'd done that she had no idea about.
That was until she had someone press the chime on the Ready Room door. Grumbling to herself about not wanting to be disturbed, she looked towards the door, not really able to sense who it was on the other side. “Come in.”
The door opened and in ran two four year olds, running over to her and giving her a hug. The two were her brother and sister, Addison and Daniel. Picking them up onto her lap, she smiled, “Now what are you two doing here?” At the door stood her mother, seeming to have been chasing the two around for a bit and was out of breath. “There you are, Christine. Howard mentioned you might be up here.”
Tine smiled, “Now mom, what're you doing here? I thought you were all back on Betazed.” Addison and Daniel started running around the Ready Room, just like most toddlers would do at that age. “Sissy, is this place yours? It is so big,” asked Daniel. Tine chuckled, “Only for now, it belongs to Captain Rune. Come in and sit down, mom. Can I get you something?” Aletta Applegate shook her head, “No thanks, sweetie. Sorry about your dad not being here, he's got work he needs to catch up on. We heard you were in dry dock and figured we would come see you.” She raised an eyebrow, “Howard said you'd been working too much on this mess. Do you need any help with anything?”
Addison ran over to Tine, “Can I have some juice, sis? Danny too?” Chuckling and going over to the replicator, she got her brother and sister a drink before sitting down on the couch with her mom, “No, thanks though. It is just a big mess, and I wish I could actually take some time off, but I can't. If I could get Rune to come out of his quarters, it'd probably help out quite a bit. Command is still wanting to talk with him about the situation.”
Aletta nodded, “You really need a break. Come on, let's go down to our favorite restaurant in San Francisco, bring Howard along as well, and my grandchildren. These two rugrats have wanted to see them for a while now.” Christine sighed, “Alright, alright. Howard has the kids in our quarters right now. But I'll have to get back to work at some point.”
The door opened again, and Howard walked in with Ashleigh and Issac, “You're not going to work anymore during the shore leave, honey. I might only be a yeoman, but remember, I have family in Starfleet beyond you. You have time to get all the reports finished up, trust me. Now come on, take these last few days off.” Tine was stunned to see Howard at the door, but knew that he was right, she'd been working for to many hours, and there were only four days left in the two week shore leave. Nodding to them both, she allowed them to lead her out of the Ready Room, a place she wouldn't return to for at least the four days.
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