JP: Off to See Family

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JP: Off to See Family

Postby Kris » Thu Jan 19, 2012 11:31 pm

Off to See Family
Joint Log
Commander Christine Sterling & Lieutenant JG Oriana Nadall

Oriana entered the transporter room while trying to keep a handle on her fidgity children. Seeing Tine she said, "Have a meeting with the brass?" since she was in her dress whites.

Christine was startled by Oriana near the transporter pad.  Looking down at her own uniform, she chuckled, "Yeah, and it is a long story.  Let's just say we won't be seeing Admiral Sipros anymore."  She noticed her struggling with her kids, "Need some help?"

She smiled, trying her best to juggle both kids as well as her bag. "Yes please..I love them but they have a bit too much energy right now. Normally this is something Michael would help me with but.." Her expression dropped as her mind turned to her late husband.

Taking one of the kids, she frowned, "I wish there could have been something I could have done.  I know that it wasn't anything we planned on having happen, normally those consoles don't just explode like that."  She sighed, "With all the attacks and such we've been through without a proper refit, seems some things aren't working right."

She gave a small smile, "I know. I don't blame anyone and it still only feels half real. It's like I'm living some nightmare that I keep hoping I'll wake up from to find him alive and well. I know I can do this..raise them as they deserve but sometimes I'm worried about trying to do this alone. My father did it though even if I was older than they are when my mother died but I'm nervous about doing what's right by them."

"Don't worry about it.  Besides, they have the whole Lionheart crew behind them, same with my kids.  I'm sure you'll be able to raise them just fine.  And remember, if you need help, you need only to ask."  Tine smiled as her collar was being pulled on, which she really didn't mind as it was too tight anyways.  "Where were you headed anyways?"

"San Francisco. Seems my father's ship is in spacedock undergoing some upgrades. So he's staying at the family home we've lived in whenever we were back on Earth. Unfortunately my brother has duties back on Bajor at the embassy but it'll be good for my children to get to know their grandfather."

Tine nodded, "I'll probably be checking in with my family back on Betazed.  I have two younger siblings, twins oddly enough, that probably want to hear from their big sister.  Honestly, I just want to put the whole mess with Admiral Sipros behind me."

"I still don't understand why the Admiral put us through all that. Hopefully you'll get the chance to spend some time with your family to unwind from all the pressures of command."

"The short version: he wanted to be able to kick Captain Rune and I out of command and take over the Lionheart.  He's in the brig now, three other Admirals put him in there.  I plan on doing quite a bit of unwinding, and trying to get Rune out of his quarters."

"Couldn't happen to a nicer man. Why is the Captain still in his quarters? Hopefully nothing is wrong. This kind of stuff with the Admiral is why I never want command of my own ship..too much hastle. I'll just stick to doing what I do best..being a Chief Engineer. Equipment doesn't have either works or needs fixin'. Simple."

Christine sighed, "Something he found out while we were in the Gamma Quadrant, I don't know any more than that.  I'm hoping to be able to talk with him and figure it out.  He might not want to tell, which is up to him.  I just hope he comes out at some point, Command is getting worried."

"Let's hope things work themselves out because it's never a good thing when Starfleet Command gets worried."

She looked around and tugged at her collar again, "I hope you have a good time with your family.  I'd stick around to help, but I need to get the reports of the last six months out to Command since Sipros didn't give it to them."

She takes the other child back. "Good luck with that. I don't envy your job. Any reason though why he would withhold reports that should have been sent to Command from the start?"

"Same reason, wanting to take over.  I'll probably not be able to take a break for a few days.  If you need anything, remember, you know where I'm at."

"I will..take care." Oriana steps on the transporter pad nodding to the transporter operator who energizes.
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