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Crooked Admiral

Postby Kris » Wed Jan 18, 2012 5:24 pm

Crooked Admiral
Personal Log Stardate: 65055.7 (Thursday, January 21st, 2388)
Commander Christine Sterling

Christine sat and stared at the PADD in front of her. She'd been called before a group of Admirals, in her dress whites no less, to discuss what had happened during the test. Admiral Daniel Sipros was the one in charge of the gathering, and he seemed more angry than anything.
“Commander Sterling. You were made aware of the terms of the test that yourself and your crew were put under, am I correct in this,” asked Sipros, PADD in his own hand.
“I was, Admiral,” she answered firmly, “you showed me the plan a few days before it actually happened. You also mentioned to me to make sure that the crew was still on board and not to take any leave, even though we had not been back to Earth in quite some time.”
The other Admirals looked over at Sipros, none of them looking to happy with their comrade. Another of the Admirals spoke up, this time it was Admiral Orna Gulbrand. “Commander, am I to understand that Admiral Sipros showed you all the plans as well as told you to leave your crew on board, even after how long you were just in the Gamma Quadrant, and dealing with missions getting to Earth?”
Christine nodded, “Yes, ma'am. He also did not acknowledge the information I gave him on the Orions from our ordeals on Starbase 27 as well. They seem to be after us now as well, though we do not the reasoning behind it as of yet.”
Admiral Zénaïde Signý spoke up from further down the row, “The Orions? We are aware of their dealings with the crew of Starbase 27 and the recent poisoning of Commodore Rexan. We haven't been given any reports of Orions dealing with the Lionheart. All of the reports have been going to...”
“Admiral Sipros, sir.” Christine said, slightly interrupting Signý. “I'm sorry for interrupting. He has asked that all reports go directly to him instead of through the normal means of reporting. I saw it as unusual, but believed that he would be turning all the reports over after he finished with them.”
Another of the Admirals, Tuomo Liorit, stood and glared at Sipros, who seemed to be cowering a bit. “Daniel Sipros, what is the meaning of this?! There are protocols for reports from ships that are away from Earth, especially when there is an attack reported and there was no reason given for the attack.”
“Why do I need to explain myself? The Lionheart is dealing with a Captain who is...”
Gulbrand stopped him, “Stop! I did get a report about what happened with Captain Delphi Rune and he has a right to be by himself at this point. Thank you for that report by the way, Commander. We had heard that you were taking all command orders for the Lionheart, and I am glad you explained to me why.”
Christine nodded, “Of course, Admiral. I thought it seemed a bit odd that I was called to this hearing, as well as the fact that Admiral Sipros was extremely angry when I did not follow the plan on the test. The plan itself was surprising enough, he wanted us to allow the Romulan ship to nearly 'destroy' us. I think he had something else in mind.”
Sipros stood up, outraged, “You want to know what I had in mind? I had in mind I'm sick of being behind my desk, and if I could find a reason for the Lionheart crew to fail and be considered unable to finish their duties, I could choose the ship as the one I want to command.” He glared at Christine, “You and Captain Rune have the ship that I want to be in charge of, and I can't while you two are in place.”
It was Christine's turn to be upset now, “All you wanted was the Lionheart?! How was it going to look once the rest of Starfleet Command noticed about six months worth of reports missing? I doubt that they even realize that while we were in the Gamma Quadrant, we had 4 children born. What exactly have you told them, Admiral?”
He didn't have a chance to answer, as a security officer came up behind him after being brought over by Liorit, “Put him in the brig until we have a chance to figure out how to handle this mess.” He looked over at Christine, “I am very sorry, Commander. No one should have to deal with this, and we should have investigated it sooner. We had quite a bit going on here with Commodore Rexan being poisoned and recently finding out that the Orion female behind it has been killed. A lot of paperwork, you see. We will review everything, but please send it through the normal channels. Everything that you sent to Sipros. The test was authorized...but not in the way he gave it too you.”
She nodded, “I understand, Admiral. And I'm sorry for exploding like that. It has been a lot of pressure dealing with Captain Rune and his personal issues, on top of taking over command. I guess I just had to yell.”
Signý sighed, “We understand, Commander. You're free to go, and please apologize to your crew for us. You can take another week of shore leave on top of the week that he gave you. You're dismissed.”
Christine nodded, “Thank you, Admiral Signý. I'm sure that the crew will enjoy the shore leave after all we have been through.” She turned and left the room, but stopped just outside the door and let out a heavy sigh. As worried as she was originally about the meeting with four Admirals, she was extremely happy about the outcome. But she was surprised that all Admrial Sipros wanted was to take over the Lionheart as his own, he had a choice of any ship that didn't already have a command staff. Instead, he tried to sabotage the test so he could take over.
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