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"A Mean-spirited, Vicious Old Man"

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:54 am
by AidoRixx
"A mean-spirited, vicious old man*"
Personal Log by Lt. Aido Rixx
Stardate: 1201.16

The shuttle gently touched down on a Starfleet Academy landing pad and its passengers began to disembark into the afternoon breeze from San Francisco Bay. Recently-promoted Lieutenant Aido Rixx stepped out and felt the sun’s warmth on his hairless blue head, a pleasant change from the highlands and lochs of Scotland, around which he had spent the last two days exploring the remains of ancient castles.

He was about halfway through the weeklong shore leave granted to the USS Lionheart personnel by Commander Sterling, and before he spent the next few days scuba diving Caribbean reefs, he wanted to look up a few former professors and colleagues at the Academy and Starfleet Command.

Most of the professors had offices in the Surak Astrophysics Building and the Neal Tanner Life Sciences Building, so Aido began to head that way, but being fascinated by some of the architecture and landscaping of the campus, and realizing he was in no rush, he decided to take the long way by diverting through the botanical gardens.

He was following a meandering path along a small pond away when some colorful rock formations on the hillside caught his eye. Aido began ascending toward them when a voice bellowed in his ears.

"Exactly what do you think you're doing?"

Aido turned about to see an elderly man in a floppy hat and overalls stomping up the hill, waving a gardening tool like a club.

"I'm- I'm sorry," Aido muttered. He wasn't exactly sure what he was apologizing for, but the expression on the old man’s face was one of outrage.
"You're sorry?" the man asked, stopping a few inches short of Aido’s nose. "Is that supposed to make amends for trampling my flower bed?"

Aido quickly glanced about his feet. "My apologies, sir, I didn't--” He paused, seeing nothing but dirt and grass. “Um, what flower bed?"

"The one you're standing in," the man snapped. "I've spent the better part of the day planting griseldia seeds all along this path, and then you come along and stomp all over it like a wild targ! Will you get out of there, already?"

Aido quickly stepped back onto the path, but the gardener still bore down on him. The old man, a human who appeared to be well over a hundred or so, kept a stern but inquisitive glare on the Bolian.

"Hmmm, I know you," the man said, as if trying to place Aido’s face. "Aha! Rixx, isn't it? I should have known. You're just as clumsy as I remember you."

"I beg your pardon?" Aido asked in shock. "Do I know you?"

"Of course you do," the man responded. "I caught you and -- what's her name -- Cadet Ezri Tigan studying down by the reflecting pool that night. Disgraceful."

"Excuse me," Aido huffed, partly amazed at the man's memory but more insulted by his remarks. "We were only studying that night!"

"My point exactly," the gardener sneered. "A beautiful, young woman like that, on a beautiful clear night in one of the most romantic spots on campus, and you were only studying with her! Why, I had a good mind to kick your butt that night. Hell, I still do!"

The gardener began to menacingly slapping the gardening tool against his hand.

Aido tapped his combadge in a panic as the man stepped toward him. "Rixx to Lionheart, emergency beam out!" He breathed a sigh of relief as the transporter beam engulfed him.

As Boothby watched Aido disappear, the old man began to laugh. "Same ol' Aido," he said with a shake of his head, before turning back to his work.

* “A mean-spirited, vicious old man” was Captain Jean-Luc Picard's initial impression of Boothby while a cadet at the Academy.