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Postby AidoRixx » Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:30 pm

By LtJG. Aido Rixx
Stardate: 1201.08

Note: This takes place before the start of last week's sim.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Aido Rixx lounged on the veranda overlooking the lagoon, watching sailboats glide across its crystal blue surface toward the sea. The Sabeku Moon resort holoprogram had an endless variety of activities to offer, including scuba tours of an ancient underwater city -- an amazingly accurate replication of one of the most interesting archeological sites in the Beta Quadrant -- but Aido often just sat on the beach, enjoying the fabricated salty air and marveling over the duplicity of it all.

Although in his duty uniform, a contrast to the scantily-clad holograms frolicking around him, Aido looked at ease beneath the giant umbrella. He had about half an hour until his shift on the bridge, so he leaned back into the chair and closed his eyes, but the thoughts that lingered beneath his eyelids wee not all as serene as he wished them to be.

Nothing official had been announced to the crew, but rumors abounded about the high-ranking guest onboard, Admiral Sipros; with a reclusive Captain Rune still MIA, the gossip mill suspected the admiral would be taking command of the USS Lionheart. As a scientist, Aido knew better than to put stock in baseless speculation, but perhaps what troubled him most was that particular rumor had some merit.

"Good morning, Lieutenant," came a voice from behind. "Mind if I join you, sir?”

Aido knew the voice belonged to Ensign Kora, a Betazoid who recently transferred aboard from Starbase 27 to the Lionheart’s Science Department. She was an astounding biologist, and her perpetual optimism was enthusing.

"But of course," Aido replied, glancing over with a warm smile. "Please, sit, relax."

Kora took the lounge chair beside him. She too was in uniform, and held a synthehol mimosa cocktail in her hand. “The Ferengi cabana boy insisted I try one; it’s quite delicious,” she said with a grin. “Thank you again for allowing us to pop in on your program, sir. If I wasn’t going on duty in 30, I’d be practicing my wind surfing out there.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying the program. With the nature of our work out here, I like to know my staff is able to unwind and have some fun. Somehow it makes us all better scientists,” Aido said. “Just be mindful of the Nausicaan lifeguard. He takes water safety--”

“Very seriously,” Kora said with a nod. “I know. Believe me, I know.”

Aido chuckled and gazed out over the water.

"So what are you doing down here, sir? I figured you'd be on the tour to the volcano."

"The tour was earlier this morning, and the geochemistry of the lava domes were quite exquisite," Aido said. "And please, no need to call me 'sir' in here. Even though we’re in uniform, we’re not yet on duty."

She gave him a slight salute and took a sip of her drink. "So how about the admiral and our next assignment, whatever it might be. They say it will be a doozy.”

"They usually are, but we shouldn’t concern ourselves with what we don’t know, Kora.”

She laughed. “We’re scientists! We’re supposed to concern ourselves with what we don’t know.”

He glanced at her. “Hmph. Well, I suppose you have a point. And truth be told, I’ve been concerning myself with it all morning. Even here, amid all this, the unknown taunts me.”

"You’re not alone," Kora said. "I can sense the anxiety in the crew. If you could only hear what they were thinking."

Aido shot her a curious look.

"Oh, no, it’s not like that," Kora said. "I'm not listening in on anyone's private thoughts, or anything. Just some folks are doing little to hide their emotions, and I'm picking them up left and right. People are worried about the captain, about the admiral’s presence, about that unknown tomorrow.”

Suddenly their combadges chirped, summoning them to duty stations.

“Time to go to work,” Aido said, standing. “Well, Kora, it seems we may be on our way to unraveling the recent mystery. We’ll know soon enough if it’s been worth all the fuss.”

“I hope not, sir,” she said, following him toward the holodeck arch.

“Me, too,” he said. “Me, too."
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