JP: Change of Pace

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JP: Change of Pace

Postby Kris » Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:38 pm

Change of Pace
Joint Log
Commander Christine Sterling & Ensign M'Rett

Christine sighed as she sat in the Ready Room.  She'd had a long talk with Tom before he decided to stay on Earth at Starfleet Command.  Now she was stuck with a choice; find someone new to fill the tactical & security position, or review some of the current crew to see if they could fit in the spot.  She'd gone over the Academy information of most of the crew and decided against finding someone new.  Instead, she had called one particular member to the Ready Room, and now was patiently waiting for them to get there.

M'Rett hurried to the Ready Room, her ears alert and her tail denoting her nervousness. She wondered what she had done for the Commander to call her so suddenly. There had been no mistaking the request, it had been more of an order. Arriving on the bridge she pressed the button to the ready room door, tail swishing in agitation.

Glancing up from the PADD she'd been reading, Tine sighed slightly, "Come in, Ensign."  She knew who it was only due to the fact that she'd told everyone to not disturb her unless it was an emergency or if she told them to come.  Now she only hoped that her decision worked.

M'Rett entered the Ready Room and saluted crisply with a paw. "Ensign M'Rett reporting as ordered." Her tail still swung back and forth but not as fast as it had been before she entered the room. "You wished to see me Commander?"

"At ease, Ensign.  Please, sit down."  She took a sip of her coffee and sat back a bit, "Sorry about the abrupt request to have you show up here, but I need to make a quick decision about something, and don't have Rune to help."  She pushed the PADD towards M'Rett, "Does the information look right?  The information about what you studied at the Academy that is."

M'Rett sat and her tail resumed a relaxed state around her knees. Taking the PADD in a paw, she scanned it. "Yes Commander, that is correct. I had a double course of study Engineering and Tactical Skills. The Caitians are known for their warrior women. My species is quite skilled." Of course the Commander knew that if she had reviews her profile. "I was recommended for shipboard security positions, but the Lionheart only had Engineering open."

Tine took the PADD back and nodded, "I just wanted to be sure.  We've had a change in staffing and was wondering if you would like to take up the tactical & security position on board.  Lieutenant Kilbourne has decided to stay on Earth when we do end up leaving.  That leaves us without anyone but crewmen at his station."

M'Rett paused and licked a paw, flicking it over her ear as she thought. "I would like to yes. I will be a challenge I look forward to meeting." She replied honestly.  “Thanks for your faith in me.”

"You should thank your instructors for this.  You're the only one who has enough training to take the spot.  You aren't going to be thrust into the chief position yet, but you are the senior member of the department.  Everyone will be reporting to you until I can speak with the Captain about what he wants to do."  She sat back and sighed, "I'll let Oriana know you won't be in Engineering anymore, and maybe you can clean up the bar that Kilbourne left behind in the tactical console."

M'Rett smiled. "Perhaps I will take it to the security office and let the crewman drink a toast to say farewell. Alcohol can affect Caitians badly."

She chuckled, "I had forgotten about that.  Just make sure that they don't go overboard.  Might want to take some of it to ten-forward before Tom can get his hands on it to take it with him, it's the hard stuff and I'm sure they can use it down there."

M'Rett nodded and sighed. "I'm sure the bar would be happy to have that if the rumors are true. It will be nice to stand on the bridge. Though I will miss the sound of the warp drive." She chuckled and purred softly. "I sound a bit crazy"

"Not really.  I started on this ship as an ensign, at science.  I never thought I'd be in the executive officer position of the same ship nearly 6 years later."  She took a sip of coffee and shook her head, "I miss being at science quite a bit actually."

"I can understand how that is. I miss Cait. I haven’t been back to see my mother in three years." M'Rett's tail flicked in annoyance. "I should go inform the security crewmen."

Tine nodded, "Of course, I've assigned the next few shifts to those used to the department, I'll add you to the schedule soon.  Take your time getting used to it and if you need help, just let me know."  She smiled, "You're dismissed, Ensign."

M'Rett rose and saluted again. "Thank you Commander. I will." Then she turned and existed the room, stopping briefly to take the bar from under the security station.
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