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Personal Log
Stardate 65012.4 (Wednesday, Janurary 5th, 2388, 1pm)
Commander Christine Sterling

Pacing while she waited, Christine sighed as she looked over at the closed door of Admiral Sipros. She'd been asked to come down to Command once the Lionheart was in dry-dock. What this meeting was about, she honestly didn't know, and it couldn't possibly be something that she couldn't be told while she was on the ship, could it?

The Lieutenant at the desk kept watching her as he was reading over some PADDs. “You can sit down, Commander. I'm sure he won't be too much longer.” It almost seemed as though she was annoying the Vulcan, but she nodded and sat down in one of the chairs. It wasn't more than five minutes later than the Admiral came to his door and it opened, and all Tine could see was a PADD in his hand, and he didn't look very happy. “Commander, please come in.” He then turned and started to walk back towards his desk.

Taking a deep breath, she got up out of the chair she'd been in and followed Sipros into the office. Once the door closed behind them, he turned to her, a rather stern look on his face, “Sit down, Commander, we have quite a bit to discuss. And there is something that I hope we can agree upon.” Raising an eyebrow, Christine took one of the seats across from his desk, “Agree upon something, sir? Shouldn't we first discuss why you called me here, but ordered the rest of the crew to remain on the ship, even though it is in dry-dock?”

Admiral Sipros raised an eyebrow, and simply sat down, pushing a PADD towards her, “There is actually a very good reason why I have asked you here, though I still wish it had been Captain Rune that could have made it. We will discuss him once we finish the rest of this discussion.” He nodded towards the PADD, “Please read over that and then tell me what you think.”

Reaching for the PADD, Tine picked it up off the desk and then skimmed over it before a few things caught her eye and she read it in more detail. “Admiral, do you really believe this is necessary? I mean...” He put a hand up to stop her, “You're not the only crew going to have this happen, and certainly won't be the last. We just need you to be on our side about this.” Biting her lip for a moment, Christine nodded, “Of course, Admiral. But a lot of the main crew is wanting to relax a bit and the department heads want to get their departments figured out. Can we at least have time to do that before this happens?”

“You may, I know that after the Gamma Quadrant adventures as well as the odd anomalies you have been through, and the Orion ordeal at Starbase 27, we will give you a bit of time to get things organized. You can't let anyone know, unless you managed to coax Rune out of his quarters to join in. If this is successful, you will get your further orders. Though, even if not, you'll still get the same orders.”

After another hour of hashing out details as well as discussing if Christine trusted Captain Rune to come out of hiding, the meeting was over and she was to immediately beam back up to the Lionheart. It was going to be a long day once this actually did happen.
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