JP: Doctor Needs to Leave

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JP: Doctor Needs to Leave

Postby Kris » Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:43 pm

Doctor Needs to Leave

Joint Log

Commander Christine Sterling & Doctor Kara Rohana-Blackwell

It had been more then a day since Doctor Blackwell had been brought to sickbay with a head injury. The fact that she was still not awake made Doctor Weber and Nurse Potter very concerned. Weber had ordered that Potter should call the Captain but with the Captain locked in his room Potter Called Tine. "Commander Applegate to sickbay." She sent the message to the commander in private.

Christine looked around as the call woke her in the Ready Room. She'd been typing up a report for Command and had fallen asleep doing so. Tapping her combadge, she sighed, "I'll be right there, Potter." She pulled herself up out of the chair and walked out onto the bridge. It was very quiet, but the crew was just trying to finally make their way to Earth. Walking to the turbolift, she told it to take her to deck 7, which was where sickbay was. Stepping into sickbay, looking rather dreary eyed, and saw Nurse Potter and Doctor Weber, "I take it Kara hasn't woken up yet?"

Both woman shook there heads as they heard Tine. It was a puzzle to both of them for they felt that Kara should be up and about by now. "Does this happen often with Betazoids? I have not heard of this, so it worries me a bit," the doctor said softly so as to not alarm any one. Potter sighed, "All I have seen of Betazoids it seems that every head injury is different. Would you not agree Commander?" Potter said with a smile.

"Potter is right, but she didn't hit her head that hard. I'm not sure why she hasn't woken up unless the alcohol caused issues." She looked over at her cousin and sighed, "I'll see what I can get out of her. She might just be in hiding, I've seen her do that before." Without waiting until either one of them said anything, she walked over to Kara's bed and looked at her, "Now what could be keeping you hidden in your head, my dear cousin?"

Both Potter and Weber backed away from the biobed to let Tine work. They both knew that they had done all they could to this point it was now time to let some one else have a hand at this. Deep in Kara's mind she was still wrestling with the decision she had to make. Did she stay on earth when they got back or did she stay with the Lionheart? It wasn't a simple thing for her. She had to think about her family not just herself. She felt some one nudge her mind and she quickly blocked it as she closed off her mind even more.

Tine rubbed her temples as she felt Kara closing herself off, Kara, you can't hide in your mind. What is going on? Please, tell me. She couldn't force her way into her cousin's mind, she was only half Betazoid as it was facing a blocked mind of a full Betazoid.

Kara heard her cousin perfectly fine but she was not ready to talk yet. This chose could not be hurried. She also knew how ever that if Tine was in sickbay she had more then just the sickbay staff worried. So she let her mind open a little bit to Tine. Enough that she could talk to her cousin. There is a decision i must make Tine. I cant do that with out closing my self off. Please leave me be for a bit. She knew that Tine wouldn’t let it go but maybe just maybe she would back off for a few hours.

She sighed and pulled over a chair, Kara, please, whatever it is, you don't need to hide in your mind for it. At least let the sickbay staff know you are alright? When she was like this, Tine knew not to push her cousin. But being unconscious for two days was going to have the sickbay staff on edge.

Kara thought about what Tine was saying for only a moment. The sickbay staff should not need that they should know by now that I am fine that I simply do not want to wake up. If they need to know I am alright then tell them I am fine. The doctor was gruff and not willing to budge right now. She knew that if she were to allow her self to come out of this she would never get another shot to just be lone in her own mind. The only thing that might bring her out of it was their kids but she knew they were safe and sound.

I can give you all the time off you need if that's what you want. You should know by now that I can do that. She wanted to know what had caused her cousin to go into the Betazoid version of hiding. She didn't have the energy to fight with her cousin, but wanted to know if there was anything that she could do to help.

Tine this is one time no one can help me. I must make a choose that will determine my future as well as my family's. There comes a time when you have to weigh your options. That was all Kara said as she let her muscles flex a bit in her body to roll onto her side away from every one as if to say I am done here. It was also to let her staff know that she was fine just needed time to think.

She grumbled but knew that Kara didn't want to talk anymore, Just...let me know your all she said before turning towards Potter and Weber. "Let her be, she doesn't even want to talk to me right now, and that is rare." Tine rubbed her temples and sighed.

Weber and Potter nodded to Tine. "What is wrong with her? She has never done this before as she?" Weber wanted to understand the woman that was her boss here in sickbay. This was all so new to the doctor who had just joined the ship.

"Nothing is wrong with her, the head injury is taken care of. She needs some time to herself in her own head. There's nothing we can do to get her out of it. She'll come out in her own time."

This made Weber and Potter frown. "What happens if there is an emergency? She is taking up a bio bed, should we move her to her own quarters?" Weber asked

Christine shook her head, "Move her to one of the private rooms for now. I'm sure John already has a handful with the kids. Just...keep an eye on her and let me know when she does actually wake up."

The doctor and nurse nodded. "Should we tell John what is going on Ma'am? So far we have just told him that she hit her head and we were treating her that she should be fine soon. But now with this...." Weber was not sure what they should report to the family.

"I can take care of that. I want to check on him as it is. Just..." she looked over at her cousin, "like I said, let me know when she wakes up." She walked out of sickbay without another word, heading towards Kara and John's quarters. What could it be that kept Kara in her mind and would be a decision for her family as a whole?

Once Tine was gone Kara let out a small sigh. She sat up now awake. Though she just sat there. "Potter, Weber, you are both in charge of sickbay." That was all she said as she walked out heading for her quarters where she knew Tine was headed. She should have just talked to her cousin rather then let it go on this long. She just didn't want to deal with this or anything but it wasn't going way. As she got the lift she caught up with her cousin. "I need to leave Tine. I cant take it here any more." That was all she would say right now as her mind was still closed off.

Tine jumped as she heard Kara behind her, "Don't do that to me, Kara. I don't need startled anymore while being in charge." She stopped and sighed, "What do you mean you can't take it anymore? What is going on?"

"I am staying on earth when we get there. This stressful life has taken its tole. I plan to stay there with Anthony and my hope is John and the girls. It is John's choice however on what he decides to do. I just cant take it any more. That doesn't mean I wont ever come back, I just cant be here any more right now. The stress is to much on me right now." Kara knew her choice would be hard not only for her cousin but her family as well. She just hoped John would see why she was choosing this.

She pinched the bridge of her nose, "I hope you don't stay away too long. I'm not going to argue with you on this, I can tell you are stressed out. Just promise me you will at least leave Rune a note. I may be in charge right now, but he is still the commanding officer of this ship."

Kara thought about that for a moment then frowned. "Why would I do that Tine? That man is part of the reason I am leaving. He has caused me more stress then any one else on this ship. He will receive me resignation and new orders. The only reason I am telling you anything is because you're family." Again Kara seemed short and not very nice. The woman was being very cold it wasn't her self at all.

"Kara, what is with you lately? You've been snappy not only with me but with your staff. He can't be one of the main reasons you are leaving. He's dealing with things from his past right now. You need to remember, he came to us not knowing anything about himself or his past." She sighed and shook her head, "Just...I don't know. If I didn't know you better, I'd order you to speak to a counselor. Seeing as we don't have one, I am not sure what to say."

"Then just stop talking. Rune is the captain and yes he is only a part of why I am doing this Tine. Stop trying to figure it out. I need a break from this ship and all the people on it. If you cant see that then I am not sure why we are family." She turned as the lift door opened. She headed out to her quarters and family. That was all that mattered right now. Tine of all people should understand why she was feeling this way she was scared that with all the Leo goes though it was only a mater of time before she and her family were dead or injured so badly that they couldn't continue with their lives.

Before she could get a word out, Kara had rushed off away from her. Tine leaned against the wall outside of her own quarters once she got there. Kara had more on her mind than there probably should be, and she had to get away from it. Normally, Tine would be the first to tell her that running away from her problems wasn't the way to do it, but her cousin wasn't going to listen. She soon stepped into her quarters to have dinner with her husband and children for the first time in a while.

Kara knew she had been a bit harsh with Tine but she had to be. As she walked into her quarters she saw her husband with their kids. She would now have to talk with him. It was time to tell him what she had decided.
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