Upset Admiral

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Upset Admiral

Postby Kris » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:50 pm

Upset Admiral
Personal Log
Commander Christine Sterling

It had been a crazy, and extremely confusing day. Christine sat down in the Ready Room after cleaning up the mess that had been made by her cousin, Kara. Howard had already come by to take the Ashleigh and Issac off to their playdate with another family on board. Kara, M'Rett, and Dante had all gone off to sickbay to recover from various things from being drunk and hitting heads to shatter glass in various parts of their bodies. Tine pinched the bridge of her nose and pulled her hair back.

The monitor in front of her on Rune's desk lit up with the Starfleet Command sign and she knew that the message is something that Rune wouldn't be able to answer, as he was still hiding in his quarters. No matter how many times she'd tried to talk to him, he always had pushed her away and locked himself in. Drumming her fingers on the desk for a moment, she decided it was best that she answer the call from Command.

Once she pressed the button on the monitor, the face of Admiral Daniel Spiros appeared on the screen, with a rather sour look on his normally not-so-mad face. “Commander Sterling, I was expecting Captain Rune to answer this call, as I specifically sent it to his Ready Room.” Tine nodded, “I thought that is what you would expect, Admiral. However, he has been...busy with some personal matters in his quarters.” Spiros raised an eyebrow, “I have been unable to reach him for the last few months, I'm starting to wonder if he actually deserved that promotion the Captain that we gave him.”

Christine frowned slightly, “A lot happened in the Gamma Quadrant, Admiral. I don't know what he found out, but I don't want to intrude on what he is dealing with. Is there a reason for this call, sir?” Admiral Spiros nodded, still looking rather upset, “We heard what happened with the damage to the ship, and that you had stopped at Starbase 27 instead of returning to drydock on Earth. Is there any particular reason for this?” This time, Tine raised an eyebrow, “Sir, I submitted my report on that. We were too badly damaged to make it back to Earth without damaging the ship even more. Commodore Rexan offered his crew's services to us and our ship. I'm not one to turn down services when it gives the crew a chance to relax.”

Admiral Spiros nodded, “Did I also see in the report that the Orions attempted to sabotage the repairs and take the ship?” Tine thought for a moment before answering, “I did not include that in my report, but yes sir. In speaking with the Commodore, it turns out they have been having their own encounters with the Orions lately.” He put up a hand to stop her, “He was the one who reported it too me. I knew about their issues, but as to why they were boarding the Lionheart, that we have yet to find out after questioning the captured Orions. This call was to let you know to be on the lookout. We have been informed that the Orions have been acting up lately. But also, you are to report back to Earth so we can make sure nothing else was damaged.”

She rubbed her temples, “With all due respect, Admiral. I'd rather wait until I am able to talk things over with Captain Rune. I have been trying to keep him informed of all our situations, but he has been less than enthusiastic. I need to figure out what has been going on inside his head since the Gamma Quadrant.” He frowned, but nodded, “I will give you a few more weeks, Commander.” He looked over a report quickly, “I can see where you are, but can't seem to follow your course. What happened?” She chuckled softly, “I will write up a report soon, Admiral. But I would suggest having ships avoid the area that I put in my report due to spacial anomalies.”

Spiros nodded again, “I look forward to reading it. Inform Captain Rune that I need to speak with him at his earliest convenience. Starfleet Command out.” The screen went black and Christine sat back with a sigh, what in the world else could Command end up wanting from Rune that they could not get from her?
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