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PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:14 pm
by Kris

Joint Log

Commander Christine Sterling & Dr. Kara Rohana-Blackwell

The ship was still being repaired, and they were on their way to Starbase 27 for a major overhaul. Christine realized that she had to get the twins to sickbay so that they could not only get a three month checkup but also make sure they for sure were not hurt during the plasma storm that they had gone through twice. Carrying the squirming kids to sickbay, she set them on a biobed looking around for Kara.

With all that had happened in the last few hours Kara had her hands full in sickbay. She even had Anthony in sickbay right now. The boy had fallen when the ship had passed through the storm which had caused him to break his arm. He was sound asleep right now after a nurse and her worked to fix his arm. As the doors to sickbay opened Kara stood from behind her desk. Then rather then talk she reached out with her mind to touch her cousin. Nice to see you Tine. How are you and the children?

Tine smirked as she 'heard' Kara and went back over to the biobed the twins were on while she waited, We're good, figured best give my two rugrats a checkup and make sure they weren't hurt during the storm. I heard about Anthony, how is he?

Kara headed right over to the biobed with a medical tricorder in hand. She smiled as she started to take a scan. oh he is fine now. sleeping away. Can you belive he is now 4 years old? The kids are getting so big. Then she went back to looking at the scans as her faces went into a small frown.

She caught the look on her cousin's face and sighed, not bothering with the telepathic talk anymore, "What is it, Kara? What are you seeing?"

With a sigh she turned to Tine. "Tine where were the kids when we went though the storm?" She asked softly so as to not cause alarm to anything she was saying. For now the kids were going to be fine but she had to know a few things. There was nothing that could not be handled.

"Um, as far as I know they were with Howard in our quarters. He had kept a hold of them during the whole ordeal. Our quarters were a mess but they all seemed fine. These two little ones have been acting just fine as well." She watched Kara's expression and frowned, "What are on those scans?"

After hearing that she could tell what happened. "I see now I understand. Both of them have a small fracture on their ribs. Howard must have been holding on to them pretty good and didn't notice how hard he had them held in his arms. Don't worry it is such a small fracture that unless you press on the ribs they don't even feel it. I can have it fixed with out a problem. They also have small bruises on their sides. Next time tell Howard to lay them on the floor with him. There is a few other things...." Kara trailed off as she started to doctor up the twins. Really this was nothing compared to the brake that Anthony had.

Tine sighed and rubbed her temples, "He's over protective of them. Not as bad as my leg either I suppose. But what else is it?" She had decided to not let Kara even sense that her leg still hurt, though it had been healed up pretty well.

Kara finished up on the kids ribs then turned to Tine. "Tell me, how are they sleeping and eating? Their weight is a little lower then I would like to see, not much, just a bit. Also their blood pressure is a bit high. That could be from stress of the day though. I don't like the readings I am getting for their nourishment however. They need some vitamin supplements." She sighed, for she didn't like to do that in kids so young. Normally they would get all they needed from mother's milk but she was not sure how much Tine was able to give them since she had twins. Sometimes mothers couldn't keep up with twins.

"They've been sleeping as well as three month olds can. Howard and I are losing more sleep than they are because once one of them sleeps the other wakes up." She leaned against the biobed, "That might be because I haven't had much time to eat since Rune has been hiding. I've been trying to do what I can. Though I think everyone's blood pressure is up right now after having to deal with the storm twice. And they were born a week early, and were under weight then. They are very healthy eaters though."

The doctor simply nodded to what her cousin was saying. However, in ones so small it could be a big deal. "I know you're not going to like this, but I would like to keep them here overnight. It has nothing to do with anything other then their vitals right now and wanting to give them a bit more nutrients. You and Howard are more then welcome to stay with them. Also Tine, I need you to take better care of yourself or I will remove you from active dutry. Do not let yourself end up here so sick that you cant take care of anyone. I can just say you're staying with your kids so you can get a checkup as well and I can give you what you need, more rest." Kara said this then looked at her cousin. "You and Howard should take tonight to sleep while the kids are here getting what they need."

Tine sighed again, "I had a feeling you might say that. I suppose working opposite shifts hasn't been helping much for he and I. I'll probably stay here so I can stay away from the reports and try not to read the ones I already have piled up. I'll take myself off the next shift as well, that way I can relax. All we're doing is traveling at low warp as it is." She pulled herself up onto the biobed next to her twins, "By chance...can you check on that ankle that I got fixed earlier and that artificial vertibre in my back, they are aching and I can't seem to relax them."

There was a shocked look on Kara's face as her cousin willingly just laid down. "Wait, you're doing this willingly, no orders? Wow, being married with kids has mellowed you out a bit, couz." She giggled a bit as she ran a scanner over Tine's ankle. Kara saw where the pain was coming from. "Who worked on your ankle?" She asked.

"I know I need rest, which is why I'm not arguing. of the nurses I think. I can't really remember who it was, but she was new to your staff. Why, what is wrong?"

"I really wish the nursing staff would have a doctor with them when they do healing." She sighed as she finished her scans. "You see she fixed the bone but not the tendons and nerves around the bone. You tore the tendons and the bone pinched a never in the right area that has caused you to keep having pain. Since this was not done right I am going to have to re break your ankle even. It is good your going to be here for a while. I have to sedate you. Don't' worry you will only be out for an hour." She went to get a few things before she would start her work.

She frowned, "May want to make sure, while I'm out, that the vertibre in my back is still where it is supposed to be. My lower back has been hurting ever since I got thrown into the viewscreen."

"Thanks for telling me that Tine. If there is anything else let me know so I can get it repaired." She knew her cousin was being a good mother right now and taking care of herself that was the best she could ask for from her cousin.

"Nothing else that I can think of, I had a cut on my head but that got cleared up and no more pain from that. I suppose you can use this as a chance to get in my physical too." She grinned and laid back on the biobed with a sigh.

Kara nodded about the physical then used the hypo spray in her hand to put Tine under. "We will talk soon. The kids will be fine." She said as her cousin slowly started to fall to sleep. Today was a long day as she went to treat not only her cousin but her cousin's kids. "Nurse Potter I will need your help. Please ask Doctor Warron to help out with this. You and Doctor Warron will work on the twins while I work on Tine. Could you ask Nurse Crum to join me please."

After what felt like only a few minutes, but was actually a few hours, Tine squinted against the bright lights above her in sickbay. She didn't know what all had been done, but she knew she was just a bit sore. Though...when wasn't she sore after being sedated. Leaning up just a bit, she looked around for Kara. She saw the twins sound asleep nearby.

Kara smiled as her cousin came out of being under. "Nice to see you awake Tine. The twins are doing very well. Both are sleeping after eating a lot. Now would you like some food yourself?" She was not about to tell her cousin all that they had done. All she needed to know was that she was healthy.

Tine slowly pulled herself into a sitting position and nodded, “Something simple, but yes please.” While Kara had gone off to get something from the replicator, Tine looked at the PADD that just happened to be left next to her. Picking it up, she looked over what had been done to get her all healed up and was a bit stunned as to everything that was there. She'd been out for more than just one hour, but it looked like it was worth it. She'd not only had her ankle repaired, but the vertibre in her back had been so out of place that it had to be completely reset.

Shaking her head, she didn't really like the last part of what she read. She'd been given extra vitamins as well as something to lower her blood pressure. Had she really been in such bad shape? At least she was taking the time now to heal before they reached Starbase 27.