Into the Mind's Eye

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Into the Mind's Eye

Postby Kris » Sat Dec 03, 2011 9:32 pm

Into the Mind's Eye
Joint Log
Commander Christine Applegate-Sterling & Lieutenant Angelica Keeva

The days seemed to drag on slowly as the Leo and her crew continued to finish repairs and began to limp to get a more overall repair. Tine had been getting report after report of things the ship needed, and it was making her head spin. But there was still a member of the crew she wanted to check on. Entering Sickbay, she walked straight over to Angelica's bed to see if she had woken up yet. Besides Mike, she'd gotten the worse of it.

Angelica’s body rested peacefully on the biobed, with little sign that she had even been traumatized after how the medical staff had cared for her.  But, within her mind, she was struggling.  The hit to her head created a block that prevented her from regaining consciousness, mainly as a protective state in order to prevent any more head injuries from traumatizing her and robbing her of her Betazoid abilities.

Christine frowned as she looked at Ang, still unconcious on the biobed.  She wasn't sure exactly how to help her in waking up.  Kara and the nurses said there was nothing physically wrong with her, it was just going to take time to get her to actually wake up.  Trying to think of a way she could help, Tine spoke into Angelica's mind, Are you alright, Ang? She wasn't sure if she would even be able to hear her.

From deep within her mind, she could hear a voice calling out to her, trying to speak to her, but it seemed muffled . . . distant . . . faint.  Please, help me!  I’m here! she called out, not even sure if whoever it was would her her.

Tine raised an eyebrow to herself as she heard the distant cry for help, but it was only in her head.  What had happened?  Pulling a chair over, she placed it next to the biobed and closed her eyes, focusing more.  Ang, its Tine, I'm here.  What has happened?

She could still hear the voice, but again it was very faint and distant.  Help me, please!  I can’t get out, she pleaded.  You need to find me and let me out!

It had been a long time since she had dealt with anything this major in terms of the Betazoid mind.  And to top it off, she was only half Betazoid.  But Ang was trapped, and she had to figure out how to get her out.  Keeping her eyes closed, she placed her hand on top of Angelica's and reached deeper into her mind, where are you?

The Betazoid could hear the voice, and the more that it persisted, the closer she was to making out who it was.  I . . . I don’t know where I am.  It’s too dark, and I can’t see anything.  I’m tied up.  Please, help me! she called back.

Something severe had happened to Ang, and Christine knew she needed to get her out of her own trapped mind.  Taking a deep breath, she blocked out everything else that was around them, a technique she'd only used once before when her mother was sick.  It was very difficult to do, and knew that if it did work, she'd have to rest herself for most of the next day.  Angelica, I'm here, you need to let me know where you're at.  I'm here to help you find your way out, but you need to help yourself too.

I . . . I can’t.  I don’t know where I am.  I can’t see anything, or even move, she responded to the voice, not even sure herself about how she was going to get out of this one.

Where had she gotten herself?  All Tine could see was dark corridors, only lit by her own body.  This was unlike anything she'd seen before, and if she looked back, the path she'd already taken was blackened once more.  After a bit of 'walking', she finally ran into something, but could barely make out who or what it was until she knelt down.  It was Angelica, looking more afraid than she'd ever seen her.  "I'm here...are you alright?"

She looked up and could see Tine.  Instinctively, she threw her arms around her executive officer out of relief, but also just to hang onto the first tangible thing since whatever had happened that made her trapped within her mind.  “Where . . . where did you come from?  How did you get here?” she wondered.

"I'm actually still in sickbay, as you are.  Something happened with your head injury and it got you stuck in here."  She smiled softly at the helm officer, "Let's see if we can get you out of here, it has been a few days."  Her eyes started to droop, it had taken a lot of energy to get herself here, and she had to make sure she got Ang out of there before she couldn't hold on anymore.

“Days?” she parroted, blinking as she tried to readjust to the light that Tine was projecting.  “What happened that caused the injury though?  I don’t remember what happened.”

"The plasma storm.  Don't worry about it, getting you out of here is more important.  But if we don't hurry, I may get stuck in here too.  Kara may yell at me for what I did to get you out of here too."  She turned back to the looming corridor that was still pitch black.

She looked at Tine curiously, and then inquired, “But how do we get out of here without you being trapped as well?”

Tine shook her head, "I suppose just reverse what I did.  It just felt like a long black corridor...I guess if we follow it back, we will find the way out."

“I hope you’re right,” Angelica noted somberly as they moved along the corridor.  At the pace they were going, it seemed endless, and honestly like they weren’t making progress at all.  “How far did you have to walk in order just to find me?”

"I wish I knew, but it is hard to keep track of time when I do things like this."  She stumbled along the way and pinched the bridge of her nose, "We need to hurry, the physical me is running out of energy and won't be able to keep this up much longer..."  She glanced down the corridor and saw a very small speck of light, "I hope that is the way out..."

She saw the light just as Tine did.  “I hope you’re right, or you could be trapped in here too,” she noted, starting to walk more quickly to try and get there faster.

Christine put more weight against Angelica as they moved closer to the light they saw.  "It's getting closer, we're almost there..."  She was starting to slur her words, which was not a good sign.  If she passed out in here, it would be up to Ang to get them both out.

The Betazoid could feel Tine putting more of her weight on her as they neared the light.  “I can see it.  It looks like a circular portal.  Can you make it the rest of the way?” she asked.

Tine nodded slowly but kept heading for the portal that was there.  It was within their reach, she just had to hang on.  "We're there...Ang...we're..."  Right at the front of the portal, her energy ran out.

She saw Tine collapse, and instinctively Angelica firmed her grasp on her XO to try and hold her up.  It was taking all of her strength just to do so, but slowly she started to inch past the threshold of the portal and through it . . .
    The moment she crossed the threshold, it was like everything slammed into her, including consciousness.  Her physical body jolted awake, with full awareness of what had just happened, as well as where she was at.  She could see Tine sitting next to her, almost looking as if she was asleep.  With how she had collapsed, Angelica started to ask, “Are you okay?”

She didn't know what happened...all she knew was that she couldn't get herself to wake up fully.  She could hear Ang's voice and slowly lifted her head, her eyes barely open.  "A...after some sleep...I will be..."  She gave the best smile that she could in the state she was in.  She then noticed nurses running around everywhere, trying to take care of both of them, "I' okay, take care of her.."  She looked over at Angelica again, smiling slightly. "I don't like sickbay..."

“I don’t blame you.  I think most people avoid it for one reason or another, and I’m sure it’s not because of the doctor’s beside manner,” Angelica laughed a bit.  She paused for a moment just to reflect upon what she had just been through.  “Thank you,” was all she was able to really say.

"Don't mention it.  I wasn't going to let you be stuck in your own mind.  I've been there before, it isn't a good place to be.  Just...don't let Kara know that I passed out...she won't let me back on duty again."
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