Family and Borg Ties

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Family and Borg Ties

Postby Kris » Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:49 pm

Family and Borg Ties
Joint Log
Commander Christine Applegate-Sterling & Ensign Felicity Summer

Christine pinched the bridge of her nose as she made her way to her quarters from sickbay. Her leg was healed up but she had decided against any pain medication for it, and still had a little bit of a limp. She wanted to keep a clear head about things, but having Angelica in sickbay still unconscious in sickbay had her worried. She'd told Oriana about what happened to Mike, and she was now off duty so that she could deal with things. She and Howard were taking opposite shifts during the repair so that they could both spend time with the twins. It was now her turn and when she got to her quarters, the twins were asleep. Saying her goodbyes to Howard, she sat down in the finally cleaned living room and watched the twins napping in the near by playpen. She felt like she could use a nap herself.

Felicity left sickbay after watching the videos Kara had put on for her. She made her way to the Commander's door and chimed her bell.

Tine had been sitting with her eyes closed and then heard the chime on her door and raised an eyebrow, "Come in."

Felicity walked in looking a little confused, but at least she had not asked to buy one of the twins yet "Commander, if you're not busy, can I ask you a few questions?"

It was a bit surprising to see Felicity at the door, "Of course, Felicity.  Come in and sit down.  I take it you finished the videos that Kara had given you to watch?"

“I have, but they don't explain to much, Commander. I was wanting to ask some questions but am not sure what I should do.”

"I wasn't sure if you'd understand those videos fully.  Without growing up human, it makes it tricky to figure everything out."  Tine sighed, "I'll do what I can to answer the questions."

"Are humans born different or does it happen when you get older?" she really was confused at that.

She pinched the bridge of her nose again and thought about how to answer the question, "Let's see.  Humans are humans.  Males can father a baby at any time in life really, females can't conceive a baby until they hit what is called puberty."  That was really as simple as she could make it.

"Do I really need a male to make a child or can I do what they did in the 21st century and buy one off Ebay?”

"I wouldn't trust any of the 21st century garbage that you hear about.  A baby should only come between a man and a woman who love each other.  Although Howard and I never planned on our twins, we knew that with our love for each other and for them, they will grow up in a loving home."

"So I should wait till I love someone before I have a baby.  I don't know if Borg can have children. I wonder if they did that to stop people being in love.”

Tine sighed and leaned back against the couch she was sitting in, "The Borg...we never fully understood them and I don't think we ever will.  But...we have figured out that genetically you are human, even if you were born as a Borg.  If we try hard enough, I'm sure there is a way to at least restore some of your humanity."

"I was born human I think, as I remember some of my past. But not a lot of it  I remember my mother and father being assimilated." She thought for a moment, "I guess that was a nice family trip.”

"Well, if you're wanting to actually becoming as human as we can make you again, I'm sure we can attempt it.  Then you'd be free of probably most of your Borg components."

“I am as about as Human as they could make me. I am told my optical implant and the exoskeleton on my hands as well as one or two others can not be moved.  But I would be interested in helping upgrade the ship's shields and weapons.”

Tine nodded, "I think then you might need to learn a bit more about being human.  All you've ever known is the Borg, but once we get the ship all fixed up, maybe we'll be able to find a way for you to learn."  She stifled a yawn.  The last shift had taken a lot out of her, but it was then that Issac started to cry.  "I didn't think he would wake up so soon.  I'm sorry about this, Felicity."

“Would you like me to see to the child that is crying, Commander? I won't try to assimilate him " she stood up to go over to him.

"Go ahead, and bring him over here, he's probably hungry, and Ashleigh will most likely wake up soon too.  It is time for them to eat."  She leaned forward a bit and allowed Felicity to get Issac for her.

She picked up Issac looking at him and carrying over to the Commander before going back to pick up Ashleigh, "So small and loud how do they ever grow up to be hunters and explores in the galaxy.”

She got a bottle from the set of pre-made ones and started to feed Issac, "Everyone starts out this small.  Believe it or not even you and I started that small.  They won't stay this way for long, they've already grown a lot since they were born."

She looked at how Tine was Holding Issac and she  tryed to copy while holding Ashleigh she was amazed at hwo tiny they was  and how dependant on   there parents  they was " they look so innocent  and so helpless how do you stop the others from hurting them " she  sort of tried to sing a out of tune lulaby to Ashleigh it made no sense as it was a Klingon one but she still sung it to her

"Looks like you're a natural at that."  Tine heard Ashleigh crying, "I don't think she likes the Klingon though.  If you want to feed her, go ahead.  I think she wouldn't mind."  She nodded towards the bottles.

She reached for the bottle mimicking Tine's movements and things as she fed Ashleigh "Commander, could I come by when you have time and spend time with your family? I would like to be of use when I'm off duty.”

"If that's what you're wanting to do.  Let's wait until we get the ship fixed though, you don't need as much rest as we do, so we may need your help around here for a while."  Issac started to fall asleep as the bottle emptied.  "I was so worried about them when we went through the plasma storm..."

"I am pleased that they are safe. If you ever need to have a break, I'll help out any time. I only regenerate 3 times a week.”

Tine nodded and placed Issac on her shoulder to burp him, even though he was asleep already, "That is very generous of you, Felicity.  I'll have to talk to Howard about it.  For now, why don't you go and get your first regeneration of the week?  I can take care of them, they should let me get some rest now that they've been fed."

She stood up and put Ashliegh back down before going to the door, "I'll work on the ship's systems after I am done, Commander." She left happy with the answers she had gotten.
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