Safe Family

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Safe Family

Postby Kris » Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:06 am

Safe Family
Personal Log
Commander Christine Applegate-Sterling
Stardate 64850.1 (Saturday, November 7th, 2387. 7:00am)

Were they safe? They were small and helpless, no way to protect themselves. Christine limped her way through the destroyed corridors, keeping a piece of torn uniform against her head as she tried to stop the bleeding that hitting the viewscreen had caused. She only had one thing on her mind, even though the crew members that were doing damage control kept trying to hand her PADDs of damage reports; she had to get to her children. She had been so focused on the mission, she hadn't gotten a chance to check in with Howard to see how the twins were doing and if they were alright.

The doors to her quarters were jammed open by pieces of debris, and worry filled Tine as she pushed her way into the room. In one of the corners, she could see the playpen set up with Issac and Ashleigh inside of it, sound asleep. With a sigh of relief, she noticed that there were no injuries on them at all, but Howard was not hear by. Glancing around the quarters, she could hear noise coming from the bedroom. After making sure that the twins were going to stay asleep, she limped towards the sound.

Howard was the source of the noise as he was trying his best to get the cribs put upright again. They had apparently toppled over during the plasma storm. Christine smiled and went over to help him, “You could have let me know that you three were safe. I might be in command right now, but that doesn't mean you can't keep me up to date.”

He seemed startled to see her there, but then relieved, “I didn't want to bother you. Seeing the damage out in the corridor, I figured the rest of the ship was just as bad.” He noticed her limping and frowned, “avoiding sickbay again?” She chuckled a bit as they got the second crib up right, “You know I am, but I was more worried about my family than a little limp and head injury. It isn't like I've never been hurt before.”

They went back out to get the twins, who seemed to be stirring, “That might be, but you also are only a few weeks out from having the twins. You shouldn't let yourself stay hurt for too long,” he reached down into the playpen and picked up Issac, handing him to Tine before picking up Ashleigh to hold himself. “You sound like Rixx, he was telling me I should get to sickbay. I'll get there once the major injuries have been taken care of. I think after that big mess, I deserve some time with my family. Rune hiding out again isn't helping the time I want to spend with you three. And with Kilbourne away for right now,” she sighed and sat down on the only clean couch she could find.

Glancing down at her leg, she hadn't gotten a chance to see just how bad it was until now. The whole lower half of her left leg was swollen and the injury to her head giving her quite a headache. “How did you get those injuries,” Howard asked, “I take it you went flying around the bridge again?” Christine nodded, “And flew right into the viewscreen. That plasma storm was quite nasty, knocked out all our visuals, sensors, anything. Knocked Angelica out when she hit her head on the helm console. Had to order her to sickbay, then D'Firenze had to take her there after she passed out. I think the only one on the bridge not hurt was Rixx, then again, he could just be hiding any injuries.”

After a bit of cleaning, their quarters were at least liveable again, and once the twins were fed, they were put down for a nap in their cribs. Finally taking the hints from Howard, Tine limped her way to sickbay as her vision started to get blurry from the head injury.
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