It Is Happening Now

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It Is Happening Now

Postby Kris » Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:46 pm

It Is Happening Now
Personal Log
Commander Christine Applegate-Sterling.

The journey to sickbay with Kara felt like an eternity as the twins continued to toss and turn inside her. She was, at least, from all estimates, about a week away from what they would consider a normal due date. Christine sighed as the pain continued through her lower back. The turbolift finally stopped and Kara helped her to sickbay and onto one of the biobeds.
Dante had been left in charge; the rest of the crew was still down on the planet which they had just warped away from. Nothing seemed to be going right lately, and going into labor early was not the plan Tine had today. Though remembering back throughout that day, it seemed to make sense.
She'd been more uncomfortable than normal ever since she woke up and hadn't been sitting comfortably at all her her whole shift. Sickbay seemed awfully quiet as everything got setup for the twins to make their appearance. One thing that seemed to be missing was Howard. He wasn't on the away team, but hadn't been seen all day.
The pain got stronger as time went on, there was no possible way to stop it as the labor had progressed to far at this point. This wasn't where she wanted to be; in sickbay without her husband and the twins on their way.
Only one option remained for her as she finally was given some pain management medication...breathe through the labor and hope that the twins arrive safely.
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