Family Affair

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Family Affair

Postby Kris » Sat Oct 15, 2011 9:24 pm

(This log goes back to the storyline and isn't from the free sim last week)
Family Affair
Personal Log
Commander Christine Applegate-Sterling

Overworked, under-rested, and sore. This description ran through Christine's head multiple times as she sat in the big chair on the bridge of the Lionheart. The twins had been more and more active as her due date got closer and closer. Her feet had become extremely sore and didn't seem to be getting any better no matter how many times Howard would rub them at night.
Kara had been very close to taking her off duty multiple times during her appointments when she'd heard about the aches and pains. With the mission they were on and all the away teams they were sending out, they needed someone who could stay on board and be in command.
Sighing to herself, Tine realized that everyone telling her to rest were just looking out for her. She'd been on board this ship since she was an ensign. Most of the original crew was no longer on board, but the family togetherness still remained. Ships like this always seemed to work better with everyone acting like a family.
A few shots to her kidney later, Tine grumbled a bit and knew she needed rest before the twins decided they didn't want to be in a cramped space. Even though the nursery that she and Howard had been setting up was nearly complete, it wasn't ready for the twins yet.
Glancing around the bridge, the skeleton crew that was left behind with the senior staff down on the planet was looking tired. The shift change was close, at least for everyone else. For her it wasn't until Rune returned and the debriefing was finished. She knew that, even though the normal time for a Betazoid to be pregnant was ten months and nine months for humans, she was both, and was carrying twins. She honestly had no idea her exact due date.
The nurses had been guessing when she would have the twins. They were nearly full term from what the scans were showing, but didn't seem to know when they were going to show up. At seven and a half months, she felt like she was ready to blow.
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