Alone on the Bridge...Again

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Alone on the Bridge...Again

Postby Kris » Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:21 pm

Alone on the Bridge...Again.
Personal Log
Commander Christine Applegate-Sterling

Alone on the bridge again. This was a frequent occurrence now that she couldn't move around very well anymore. The crew was down on the planet trying to figure out what had happened with Rixx. Last she had heard, he was still imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit.
They always seemed to be in some sort of trouble lately. All they needed were some supplies to get them through the rest of the mission. This was the second time something had gone wrong.
Staring out the viewscreen, Tine sighed and placed her arm on her stomach. The twins had become very active lately, and she'd been becoming very uncomfortable. On top of that, she could start to sense the little bit of Betazoid abilities they had, and it seemed they were wanting to fight for space.
Chuckling softly to herself, Christine then raised an eyebrow as she saw a report come in from Rune down on the planet. She had to re-read it before she could believe it; Rixx's wife had posted his bail. Since when did he have a current wife?
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