Nap Awakening

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Nap Awakening

Postby Kris » Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:38 pm

Nap Awakening
Personal Log
Commander Christine Applegate-Sterling

Tine woke when she heard her comm going off. She'd been given the day off and had taken a nap on the couch in her quarters. She wasn't enjoying sleeping on her back or on her side lately, but had been doing so anyway. The call came in from the bridge, which meant that she most likely would have to go up there. Tapping her comm-badge, she spoke sleepily, “Go ahead.”
“Ma'am, sorry to bother you, but we just got word something has gone wrong on the planet with the trade mission. Captain Rune asked that you come up here. Lieutenant Rixx is in trouble it seems.”
Tine pushed her hair back and sighed, “I'll be up there in a few minutes, Sterling out.” Pulling herself off the couch, she went off to find a uniform that would fit. She'd been having trouble with that lately since she only had two months left before the twins were born.
She had been trying to resist finding out if they were going to be boys or girls, but she'd given in and found out that it would be one of each.
Grabbing a PADD she'd been putting name ideas on, she went off to the bridge for another long day.
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