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A Sovereign class vessel, a dedicated crew and the adventure of a lifetime, this is what the Lionheart is about. A fantastic sim offering top quality gaming. Winner of the 2001 "Seth Award for Best Live Action Sim".

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Sim Preview/Personal Log

Postby Kris » Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:23 am

Sim Preview/Personal Log
Commander Christine Applegate-Sterling
A sigh was heard outside sickbay as Tine walked out. She'd gone in there for her appointment to get the babies checked on, but also to check on the autopsy results for Mr. Jackson. The nurses said that the autopsy wasn't done yet, so the results would have to wait. All the doctors kept telling her that she would have to be on limited duty soon. This made her slightly upset because she was only six months along and had a while left to go.
She would argue with them later, she was heading to her office to see if Starfleet Command had responded to her message about the resupply mission. With Rune not showing his face, it was up to her to let Command know what happened.
Once she reached her office, Christine was relieved to see no message from Starfleet Command. Slumping down into her chair, she shook her head. Everything about this mission in the Gamma Quadrant had been a big mess. Why they hadn't gone back already was beyond her.
After a bit of signing off on reports and downing two dishes of ice cream, the night shift lieutenant who had been placed in command for the night came over the comm.
“Commander, I know that it is late, but we've found something that might help the ship.”
Tine raised an eyebrow and thought before answering. “It's alright, Lieutenant, I'm still awake. What did you find?”
“We found a field of abandoned ships from many different species. Scans show supplies that we can gather.”
A smiled crossed her face, “Wake up the senior staff and the Alpha Shift. Seems we're going salvaging.”
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