Best to Leave it Be

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Best to Leave it Be

Postby Kris » Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:28 am

Best to Leave it Be
Personal Log
Commander Christine Applegate-Sterling

It was finally the end of the shift, and Christine knew that she had to get some rest. From the chewing out that she and Rune had been giving the away team to having to take over command for the rest of the day, she was exhausted. She'd gotten the report from sickbay as to what happened, and knew that Rune had gotten very close to the man that was there. It wasn't like him to stop in the middle of a sentence in the middle of a meeting and run off to sickbay to be next to a dying man that they had just met recently. Something had happened and he had grown close to the man in just the few short days that he was on board.
After stopping by sickbay to sign off on the report that had been given, she went back to her quarters to try and relax before the next day. She knew that Rune was going to need more time than just the one day to get over what had happened to the old man, so most likely she would be in command for the next few days.
As she reached the doors to her quarters, she looked down the corridor a bit and saw Rune's quarters. He needed some alone time, though she knew he was in there and eventually would need a friend. This wasn't the time though. Shaking her head to herself, she went into her own quarters with a sigh. Once the door closed behind her, she saw dinner already on the table for her to eat with a note from Howard. He wasn't able to be there to eat with her because he was on the Gamma shift for the night. The note simply said that he was sorry for any part that he played in the away mission that made it a failure.
Smiling a bit, she dug into the food that was on the table as she thought back to Rune and what was probably on his mind. It was going to be a long next few days as he got back into the right mindset to take command again. She just wondered what he had found out from the old man.
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