Bigger and Bigger

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Bigger and Bigger

Postby Kris » Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:40 am

Bigger and Bigger
Personal Log
Commander Christine Applegate-Sterling
Christine shook her head at the reflection she was seeing of herself in the mirror. She wasn't the biggest fan of gaining weight, even if it was due to the fact that she was expecting twins. Howard had been very sweet about all of it, stating that she looked cute. She figured he was only saying that because he was her husband. The feeling that she was getting bigger was not something she was enjoying. It seemed nearly every week she needed a bigger sized uniform.
She hadn't been dealing with anymore morning sickness. Granted, she was at 6 months and was carrying two very active children inside her. She was glad that the morning sickness had gone. Now she was dealing with wanting to eat everything in site. She'd even gone so far as to bring snacks to her bridge shifts.
Smiling a bit, Tine flattened out her uniform as much as she could. It was slightly pointless however, because there was no way to flatten it out. Shaking her head again, she went off to the kitchen area to get herself a snack for her bridge shift. Each day felt longer and longer as she got closer to her due date.
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