Five Minutes

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Five Minutes

Postby Kris » Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:32 am

Five Minutes
Personal Log
Commander Christine Applegate-Sterling

Christine had originally been heading towards the science labs to meet up with Kara, but with Tom and Ang having troubles getting a hold of the outpost, and Rune having vanished yet again, she had to be on the bridge.

As she reached the bridge, the view of the shuttle and the outpost were visible on the viewscreen. The shields of the outpost were up according to the tactical readout. The shuttle wouldn't be able to get through the shields. This was getting ridiculous. The frustration was evident on her face to the skeleton crew that was now on the bridge.

Glancing at one of the officers, a hail was opened to the outpost. “This is Commander Christine Applegate-Sterling of the USS Lionheart. We have a crew member that has been pricked by one of the plants you sent us, now he is turning green. We know you have been keeping information from us that is pertinent to helping our crew member. You have five minutes to either respond or send us the information or we will report you directly to Starfleet Command.

Tine looked over at the same officer, who then cut the message. Sitting down in the big chair, she realized she was well past the end of her duty shift. She could tell her body was yelling at her. She hadn't eaten since the morning, and she was under quite a bit of stress. She most likely was over doing it. Right now, she was in command, she had to remain strong and keep herself from getting sick.
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