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Postby Tavey » Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:53 pm

Please put your updated Bio's here.

We are archiving the previous thread, due to the length.

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Re: Bio-sphere

Postby Tavey » Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:54 pm

Name: Kynthia Talland
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown. Mid Thirties
Homeworld: Unknown. Probably frontier world, from accent
Hair: Deep red, usually hacked off with a knife or tied back with a string.
Eyes: Green
Body build: 5'4" stocky
Job: Captain, IMV Monarch

Kynthia came to life a few days after the battle of Serenity valley. She woke in a field hospital, nameless and memoryless. The result of a bullet through the edge of her brain, she was told by some sympathetic stranger. She could have whatever kind of life she wanted now.

The trouble was, she really didn’t know. It took a long time to regain the ability to walk, to remember how to make her body do the things that it was capable of. And in that time, she found out some startling things.

She was a crack shot. Her accuracy remarkable. It explained the one and only possession that she carried with her from the war. A long, sleek, black sniper rifle. It had been clutched in her hands when she was brought into the field hospital.

She was able to cook. Simple basic meals came easily to her.

Over the next few years, she moved from one job to another to another. Picking up various skills as she went, she eventually found herself on board the Monarch. While there, she moved from one odd job to another, finally ending up in the engine room. Her stay was brief. In shock one wintery afternoon, she and another member of the ship, Ameri, watched as The Monarch took off without them.

It took time, and some heartache before both were reunited with the ship. Its new Captain, Maverick, took both the previous crew back onboard and making them welcome.

Since her return to the ship, some of Kynthia’s past has come to light. She was once an assassin, though still is uncertain whether it was for the Alliance, or the Browncoats.

And in the saddest of ironies, the man she was trained and brainwashed to kill is also the man she is falling in love with.


Kynthia Talland is now the Captain of the Monarch. Maverick retired after his Brother was killed. His spirit seemingly broken. In a move that both broke her heart and gave her the strength to continue, he gave her The Monarch. It would have been his wedding present to her, had they actually made it to stand in front of a preacher and exchange vows.

Kynthia is now the Captain of The Monarch, upon Maverick's retirement. She has also discovered the following things out about her background:

She was trained as an assassin by the Order of St Michaels, a militant religious order who took it upon themselves to render judgement and sentance upon sinners. If she is under Edict, she is more or less immune to repercussions from the law.

Her real name is Eden Talland, though she will not answer to that name at all.

Now she rides through the Black, holding the crew together with a gorram hell of a lot of luck and more than a little determination.

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Re: Bio-sphere

Postby popcornman » Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:58 pm

Addycus “Addy” Baron

Age: 27
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Affiliation: None
Occupation: Passenger
Residence: Monarch

Physical Profile
To say that Addycus is lanky would be an understatement. His tall, skinny figure is hard to miss even though he tries to blend in. He usually wears brown pants and a dark brown shirt. If he is not in a ship, he usually wears a long brown cloak. He grew his hair out after he bolted from Ariel. He’s quick and agile and walks as if the verse can hear him. He carries his 5 ft Masamune Katana strapped to his back with the hilt to the left of his head, his lever action carbine completing the V on his back and he always has his alliance pistol strapped to his left hip. He also carries a boot knife on the inside of his right boot.

Addy tends to keep to himself or just observe what is going on around him. He does not much like to talk unless he is spoken to. He is partial to the Browncoats because his father was. He is always distrustful toward new people. He avoids large groups of people if at all possible.

Addycus Baron Bischoff was born to Baron and Cindy Bischoff, owners of Bischoff Shipping; a large shipping company. He grew up on Ariel, where he was sent the best private schools and was provided the best tutors. His father wanted him to have the best education and ensured that his youngest son received it. By 13, Addycus was a fair violin player and a good fencer. When the war broke out, his father started using the company as a front for a brown coat supply line. Near the end of the war, his father's "secret" was found out by the Alliance and both his mother and his father were killed. The company was turned over to his brother and himself. Being only 16, Addy allowed his brother to control Bischoff Shipping, but still kept 50%.

He spent five years as the first mate of the Stride the flagship of the company, where he learned how to box from the captain. He had been taught from his fencing instructor that hand to hand combat and guns are uncivilized but Addy found that boxing could be as elegant as sword play. He never really liked guns but bought and started carrying an alliance pistol from a trader after he was robbed on Ezra. He returned to Ariel when he was 21, to live the good life and just live off his inheritance. When he was 24, he found out that his brother was the one responsible for his parent’s death. He immediately confronted his brother. After his brother admitted to it, Addycus pulled his pistol and shot his brother in the head. He dumped the body somewhere between Ariel and Osiris after taking over Bischoff Shipping. In two months, he had sold his father’s company to the highest bidder. Five months after selling the company, questions about Addy’s brother’s disappearance caused an investigation by Alliance officials. Addy did not wait for the results of the investigation. He packed his bastard sword (a family heirloom), his violin and jumped on to a cargo ship headed for the rim. A warrant was put out for his arrest on Ariel within days of his leaving. He started jumping from ship to ship and moving to keep from being noticed.

• Expert swordsman
• Fair Boxer
• Good violinist
• Very knowledgeable when it comes to anything about cargo
• Adequate pilot

Weapons carried
- Alliance Pistol
- Lever-Action Carbine
- 5 ft Masamune Katana
- Boot knife
- 5 ft Bastard Sword (Stays on the ship and is a family heirloom)

Criminal Record
Wanted for: Murder in the 1st degree, Ariel

Other Aliases
Addycus Baron Bischoff
The Baron
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Re: Bio-sphere

Postby teagan » Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:27 pm

Teagan O'Rourke.

Age: 32
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 140lbs
Hair: Mousey Blonde
Eyes: Pale Blue.
Affiliation: Unknown.
Occupation: Cook at a diner. But is a fair to middling medic.
Residence: The back room of the diner.

Very quiet and somewhat aloof. She chooses to keep herself to herself so that she does not get hurt.

Once attached as the personal medic to a particular group during the war, Teagan now is a small order cook on a backworld diner. She was retired at the end of the war, shortly after the battle of Serenity Valley.

Teagan O'Rourke The Monarch.

Lt. JG Teagan Ceja. Assistant Intelligence Officer. The Ark Royal. ( retired )
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Re: Bio-sphere

Postby Jake Sjet » Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:14 pm

Name: Averroes (Probable Alias)
Gender: Male (Probable due to genetic thumb print)
Age: 36-39 (Minimum/maximum age of recruitment, plus length of service)
Homeworld: Yonkers Upon Avon, Londinium (Probable due to syntax and linguistic base)
Hair: Long, usually grown out into a pony tail (Unknown if natural or bottle)
Eyes: Blue (Unknown if contacts or actual)
Body build: 6’, lanky (Very)
Job: Currently Unemployed (Definitely)

A man like Averroes is very good at spinning a tale, and telling and yarn. The fact that his past should be such a work of fiction, shouldn’t shock many who go poking about for information concerning the man, but for those with a dying wish to know, here are what fact remains of the man called Averroes.

+ Recruited at a young age for clandestine branch of the then Allied Planets Intelligence Command (Post I-War rebranding as the Alliance Office of Naval Intelligence).
+ Served during the Independence War within ONI, known to have attained the known rank of Hauptman. Accurate war time record sealed for 150 years by order of the Official Secrets Act passed by Parliament concerning 88% of all I-War documentation.
+ Unsubstantiated claims and accusations from a half dozen sightings place Averroes on worlds suffering insurrection during the I-War. It is unknown if presence was stabilising or destabilising factor for local regimes.
+ Known to have been on planet during the New Phoenix food riots, which resulted in the death of five hundred civilian dissident’s after rioters opened fire on Alliance army regulars. (Note: Alliance Army after action report found no weapons within the crowd, and the Army Colonel in charge of the battalion assigned planetary security was court marshalled for the use of automatic weapons on unarmed civilians. Sentence was commuted to time served.)
+ Dropped off the radar of most intelligence agencies within the sphere of Alliance influence. Has been verified that a man matching Averroes description did private consultation work for the New Moscow Interior Ministry, before being arrested and deported. The official reason given by the Interior Ministry was ‘visa issues’. The fact he had been on planet for four years, and that the ship transporting him to Alliance space was an Alliance heavy cruiser (IAV Jupiter-Gould) should be taken into consideration.

A tale of a man who is a tale in himself. A soldier, a tinker, a tailor and spy, he is a man who has sinned for the right reasons, and done good works for the wrong reasons. Does that make him a good man or a bad man is a definition left to those that know him best. But as can be gleaned from this patch work quilt of questionable fact, can anyone truly know a man called Averroes?
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Re: Bio-sphere

Postby Kris » Tue May 13, 2014 10:49 am

Name: Lucille (Lucy) Marie Rapson (Lu)
Age: 28
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Bright green
Position: Pilot/First Officer


A striking blonde woman, she carries a deep hurt within her spirit. After nine years thinking her fiance, Chris, had died during the war, she discovered him on the Penal Moon. They married a few months later, only for him to be injured during the wedding. He denied all help and eventually died from an infection that grew within his leg.

Shortly after her son was born, Lu decided to leave The Monarch, in order to stay with Chris Rapson's mother.

A year later, she returned to The Monarch. Seemingly planted there by Belladonna, she has had to make arrangements for her child to be looked after while she returns to the Black.

Her son, Ryan, is with a man named Gavyn, whom she trusts completely, but hasn’t heard from since leaving on The Monarch.


(Old information)
Tends to try and do more than she should. Also tends to snap easily if you try and stop her working. Has high respect for any commanding officer, but will more often than not question an order if it does not sound right. Tends to be a flirt, but if she sees someone she really likes, she will most likely make a move and go slowly.
If she likes you as a person, you are on her good side. But if you get on her bad side, she is a fighter and if you hurt her friends, she will hurt you back.
When off duty, she is very easy to get along with and enjoys just hanging out with her friends. She is not one of those girly girls but will get dressed up if she has to.
Her name might be Lucille, but if you call her that, she will sock you. She will introduce herself as Lucy, but is most of the time called Lu.

(New Information)

Though always hard headed, having a son has giving Lu a soft spot. Her heart always tends to lead her mind when it comes to certain situations. Her hard head is still there and she is willing to fight. She is, however, a little slower to pull a gun on someone due to her time away from the ship and being extremely out of practice.

Father: James Adams
Mother: Kimberly (Kim) Adams
Spouse: Chris Rapson (deceased)
Brother(s): Michel Adams (16)
Sister(s): Sierra Adams (13)
Other Family: Ryan Rapson, Son
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